Clock’s a-tickin’ or so I have written

Finally official word on the expression of my hobby. I have write something pretty kickass, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make it right. The date is fairly unspoken and uninformed. I’m not quite sure if I should really make it brilliant or be creative with it.

Poetry has been a moderate skill of mine. I could whip something in a jiffy, but this is different. It has to be unique since it’s going to be a black tie occasion; unfortunately no pay out of it, hopefully good food and entertainment would be worth it. Weddings are tough if you are to give a heart melting, mind blowing speech. I promised on working something nice and sweet, I honestly want to deliver this promise.

Of course every promise should be kept. However, some are just obligatory tasks. Well, promises bind into an obligatory task; but from where I would see things, it’s more of a satisfactory task. You know, it’s a percentage based on the task. Example being a promise to keep a secret; success based on how many people know the secret through you after said promise and amount of time until the secret is known through other means or the time exceeds the necessary time to withhold the information. Wow, I totally diverted from poetry.

Back to topic, poetry…have to write something good and unique…must be something epic genius. I’m talking a piece of literature in its worth less when it’s duplicated. You know, just special that itself in context is so extraordinary that stands out from all my work. It’s a tall glass to fill since my skills are inadequate for the tasking. I was going to leave it a surprise; looks like I have to gather some intelligence on the matter. Not a bad thing I don’t know the groom so much, need to be pretty personal but yet witty.

Nonetheless, work has to be done. A lot of thinking and considering is in order. Probably share some drafts in the near future.


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