Intel Inbound–Sneak Peek 2012

No doubt some of you see I’ve added a few new things. Well, it’s one of many so far, the one category dedicated to my old “Guild Philosophy” post. I’m pretty proud of myself on that one since it’s still the longest standing post I have so far (I think it was about 2000 words or something, well…maybe 1200.) Aside from that, I’ve added a new “Fun Fest Friday” page for you folks who want to play some games with me. First one will be a post up shortly on there for your convenience, probably should add a schedule there too as well. I’ll try and figure out a date before Wednesday so I can sync up with the F2P launch of Star Trek Online. Remember Friday, we’re taking it back (from Rebecca Black, she ruined Fridays).

For 2012, a little something new in terms of content. I think I’ll start doing some reviews on some programs and online apps for those interested in looking for something free or recommended. That and I have a Playbook now. Oh, small easter egg; last two posts were on my Playbook. So I might give you one hardware review on that. I might take each month and do one review at a time. Rather than last year where I had just a few reviews. They will be something close to cloud computing and such. Also since I’m now hooked on TED Talks, I’ll be linking some of those I like to you and a rundown on each talk for those who don’t have less than 30 minutes. Or your bandwidth is just not going to help stream it, either case I’ll let you know what it is about.

Along with the content, I’m starting a small writing project for you awesome people. I’m going to start a small glossary of terms considering some people don’t understand certain gamer slang. True, I struggle from that too. But it’s best we lay them down the line for all those who need more information. A helping hand, not below the belt. A new blog will pop up too as Star Trek Online comes online. Look forward to that, I’ll be linking that blog in my “About Me” page once I have it up. It will be a RPG blog about my character. For those wanting to play on a Friday basis only; if possible, I’ll make a second characters so I don’t seem too overpowering.

Rants, raves, reviews; those are the three R’s for this year on this blog. Besides from the usual off days where I’ll just write about life. You know? Life. That thing where your meat is animated and moving and thus how you can understand what the heck I’m writing here. Yeah, that life.  The first couple posts may seemed a bit rush and that’s only because I’m working on the new content for you guys. If you have any suggestions or comments for what I should do for the new year, you guys know where to find me.

Stay tuned!


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