Starting anew and apps

Hooray, this decade is at an end. For 2012, resolutions are one of those superstitions I never made. Satisfied with my potential, there is nothing I would change for myself. There are just a few thing I just hope and receive a few things for the sake of others. By and large, I think of other rather than for me; don’t know why, go figure. Sure I may be affected, but it is more for the community at large. One thing though not credited to are some Habbo Hotel features. Likely many asked and I was one to convey it. I’m okay with not getting the credit (It’s life, you always get screwed) but as long it becomes reality, I’ll be fine with not getting some recognition. That and it was a group effort to make change happen.

Though for the most part, looking around the Internet gives some sense on mobile application demand. Popularly almost everywhere you can see that Apple Inc. holds many apps. Runner up being Google for their Android system. Sadly in the rear, Blackberry apps are not really there for their Playbook anyways (If you own a Blackberry smartphone, send me a comment about your App World.) Unfortunately, fortune and prosperity is not coming up for Research In Motion. The days of business electronics have been over since this century happened. It’s not relevant to make business oriented devices. The market is the mainstream demographic where despite occupation, are on the go and use their devices for play as well. They’re doing well by shifting it with the Playbook tablet. How it seems it is not just changing up their mantra. From a perspective as a electronics observer, a bold image is how to really be seen. If it relied on images, you are solely wrong. Marketing is a big contributor, you need to account for your new demographic. In this youthful group, electronics are about connectivity, apps, music and everything you need in a device that may need or want. My opinion as you tell if of a Playbook user considering there is very little in applications. Sure quirky, but nothing really branding them as a app though more of downloadable trialware. Currently there are a few things I would like to see in my Playbook. These are a few apps, so any developers reading this or you know a developer who can make apps; here’s something you can gain credibility with little competition:

    • Google

    I want to make calls on Google. In 1.0.8, only thing I can get is my mail. Of course there are online apps made by Google, but there is nothing for Voice or Maps. There is Maps since it’s code is supported, but not optimized for Playbook.


    Yeah, no app to necessarily blogging. The website is not really built to facilitate writing and HTML tags. Would like it if was an optimized app for not just WordPress, but something like Windows Live Writer.

      Online Games

    Not just the turn based browser games seen anywhere. But games classical or contemporary games that take advantage of the Flash abilities of the Playbook. More real action and make it free.

      Free Stuff

    Like games, other apps should be free and should equal to their desktop counterparts. So far certain online services do offer their app for free on the Playbook.

  • I would definitely would the ranks and help develop apps, but my abilities are limited to opinions and physical labour and not cyber labour. Leaving it the developer. If you are a developer for the Playbook and reading this, I urge you to go free and be good. I don’t mind some missing features, as long as these feature are going to be in a update. Here some encouragement and expectation, I await for your work.


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