Hear that? I’m not crazy!

This was an article I read awhile back while searching up an odd habit of mine that’s been an off and on issue. Depression is not one of the vices of have in my life. I do think we all have that kink in our personality. Talking to yourself is apparently normal according to the article.

Of course you must ask how does acting like a pseudo-schizophrenic helps you in a healthy sort of way. Well Mr./Mrs. Statement-as-a-question, I’ll tell you. When I was a kid (and maybe some of you too, the world is inherently crazy; my point of view), I use to have an imaginative mind. I still do, not just in a clean innocent manner anymore though. When troubles got me down, escaping to a fairy tale world was the only outlet and sometimes, things get a little out of hand. Out of hand in fact, the best way to enjoy fantasy is to be fantasy. Whether cop or cosmonaut, it would get out of hand one way or another. Now kids are just too spoiled over video games to really see the potential of their own creativity. Not saying it’s a good or bad thing, but I think it’s just one part of childhood everyone should have a little bit of through the best and worst.

Damn, got side-tracked. Where was I? Oh right! Talking to yourself. Here’s what I gather from the short article. By talking to yourself as a child, you develop confident and a method in approaching problems by viewing them retrospectively. Carrying it on to adulthood or even picking it up as an adult would benefit more than just self improvement. In the article, they give you the example of the dreaded job interview. Well, it helps to prepare by talking to yourself about the subjects the employer might ask about you. If not that, then you can always reassure yourself before the interview.

Not much of a talker, what about a hummer? (Mind out of the gutter, I meant the singing kind…) If you’re not, humming would also have the same benefits apparently as well as lower stress. I could go on an one about humming, but I think everyone does this either in public or at home. I don’t really need to give you a full anecdote about how music is great. Oh of course, I do prefer my MP3 over my own voice since my repertoire is not exactly over 2GB of storage, but it’s nice to listen to a tune that can calm the emotions and to think of other things. Then again for me, thinking of other things can be the easiest thing I can ever do.

Before I leave you all for the next entry, I would like to say to all those Christian readers…Merry Christmas! Also because of the holidays, don’t expect next week’s issue to be out until the end of the year. So pretty much, this is the second last one for this year. Probably may or may no do something special for the last one for 2011. Just stay subscribed/bookmarked to my blog for a little something-something. I might pop on middle of the week to send of something short for easy reading for you…maybe…happy holidays!


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