One does not just sue Google…

(Contains mature language…you’ve been warned…)

Came across an article about this guy suing Google over Nazi orgy result. At first I had an odd feeling in shouting out “Who do you think you are…China?!”; mulling over it, I decided to combine my face and my palm since it was the only measurable method for a moron like this man. Out of everything you could ever sue, you decided to choose Google. Here’s why I think this lawsuit would really backfire and bite him back with a flagpole up the ass.

First of all, Google. We all know what it is. For those living under a rock for the past 10 years or so, I’ll break it down for you. Like AskJeeves and Yahoo, Google was and still is primarily a search index. People put information on their sites to tag them on Google, Google keeps it for searches together that may be relevant or similar to one site. As the company grew, they added ad sponsored search results and put the most popular search results first. Maybe that’s why frigging Wikipedia is always first, I sometimes like it but some stuff is just annoying or too technical; damn it Wikipedia. Anyways, essentially what you put online will be there forever existing one  way, shape or form. Thus why online piracy is kind of a hard thing to stop and you have lobbyist trying to dictate a country of codes. You know it and I know it, trying to monitor people’s freedom’s is itself is against any North American constitution. Basic freedoms are still fought to this day; once the cat’s out of the bag, you would only piss it off by trying to put it back in.

For the most part, Google in this instance is really not a fault. Putting blame on a company that just makes finding oddities online easier is like suing the Dewey decimal system because it lists an unsavoury book that you and only you find unsavoury. With the world getting interconnected into a cyber medium, everyone’s watching. There’s no possible way you can have a Nazi orgy without the world knowing. It’s hard to accept that what you do might be online, but that’s like going somewhere with people. Everywhere, there will be people watch. No different online, except the fact that the world is watching 24/7.

Lawsuit wise, summoning Google wouldn’t help for that naked picture of you passing around the Internet to stop. Antagonistically it would increase the demand of said picture. I’m not a lawyer, but it is a logical human approach to when-you-fuck-up scenarios that always result in scandals. It would accomplish nothing but demand; probably under different tags to work around the lawsuit, but that is of the people and not the doing of the company. You can’t just simply sue Google the problems away. It was you to blame and only you for choosing to be professional day-to-day.

Professionalism is not an oath of sobriety, but it is a motion to maintain yourself and control every action. We are own PR person, you advertise it how you want everyone wants to see you. If you want to be that drink a lot and party hard all the time, people will see you as the good socialite but they will also see you as a drunk, loud, obnoxious cunt; figure the good and bad and how people are are seeing you.

Less the blame game and more pro show.


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