Stuff I would like to have (To be more Christian: “What I want for Christmas…”)

Christmas time again where shopping malls are packs. Loved ones stressing on the perfect gift. Even the little ones demand more from St. Nick. Even on a non-Christian group, there’s always that need and greed mentality around this time. Always more time to pull another Black Friday.

Many do impulsively pull an idea of their ideal gift. In terms of gifts and wants, I take my time to consider what I want or need. Usually I choose something unusual but relative the the person or myself. I consider myself as a techie, appreciating those gadgets or games. Though games are the hardest to please with me since I’m usually on or coming off a rush from a game. The tech however is a dead easy thing to get for a techie. I, myself, sometimes want things to assist me in terms of convenience. Such thing like a laptop or netbook for Internet and blogging needs. I always have that fascination of mobile computing so I always wanted a little something to carry around to look things up or just write on my blog whenever I feel like it rather than remembering a topic I wanted to address at the time.

Content as is with the library of games at my disposable and MMO’s I have access to, there are some games where having cash for would be sweet. One game I’ve had my sights on since it’s conception is Star Trek Online. Now with free-to-play nearing, the lifetime subscription seems more enticing. And you have to love those holiday price slashes and with the lifetime at just over $200, it seems more of an appealing purchase. I can only wait for the free-to-play before I can decide on such a purchase. So for a price of a used netbook, I could get my hands on (well my inactive account on) some premium features on the game. I know I’ve been yakking about Star Trek more often and it’s because of free-to-play; I’ve been waiting for this day to come for over two years or so and when it does come about, I’m psyched to put away a few days to the game. Aside of that, having a game card for certain other games aren’t so bad. First to a game card would be a gift card from a game store so I can buy said game card.

In the end, I don’t expect much as the receiver. I’m usually a moderately difficult person to find a present for, except on a birthday (secret is cake, chocolate specifically.) Then zoning in on the interests can come up with loads of ideas for gifts. Nothing as a perfect gift, but close enough.

A little debrief on Friday’s Fun Fest. It was kind of insane. My frag rate definitely dropped. I’m thinking some people were really hunting me down in multiplayer. Either this or I haven’t really played much within two to three days. No less I had some fun time. Made a few unlocks, but I think the fun comes from the challenge. Due to that fact, I’m kind of regretting pounding people with my mortar in Bazaar. Good times!


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