First Fun Fest – Game: Battlefield 3

Awesome, tomorrow is the firs Fun Fest I’ll be hosting on my blog. I like to provide additional information about tomorrow and how everything will go down.

If you are not sure what I’m talking about, here’s all the information you need to know:

It’s is just a list of stuff, but the duration I’ll be doing them may change depending if anyone wants to join in or wants me to join them for something.

The game of course for our first will be Battlefield 3 on PC. I’ll be kicking it off around 6pm Eastern Standard Time (3pm Pacific). My ID is “nawkcire” (no quotes). You can search me up and see if I’m online through Battleog and even send me a message on where I am.

I’ll start off by playing some co-op to warm up. A few games, not too sure how long they will take. Invite me if you like, I’ll be available for invites all night except for multiplayer. I’ll try and maintain an alternating schedule of 1 hour co-op and a couple hours of multiplayer.

I’ll be exclusively in servers with the following attribute, you can use these to help you find the servers I might be in the search filters:

Filter by Server Name: “PBBANS”

Preset: Normal, Infantry Only

Region: North America

Detailed: Ranked, Punkbuster


You should be able to find me in any of the top 3 – 6 servers with those filter settings.

I look forward in fragging/getting fragged by/with you tomorrow!


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