Ready To Play With Me? Invite Sent!

It’s no surprise if you’ve been following my blog for some time that you know I LOVE games. One of my great obsessions. Like women and clothes, I got my games. Recently I had an nice interesting thought of what I should do as a small token of my appreciation. So rather than chatting about games, how about you play some with me?

Yes, it’s an open invitation to join me into play two games for now since I have my eye on two. And as an inaugural event on my blog being both a first event and first invitation to play alongside with me.

So get ready to mark down your calendar:

First Friday Fun Fest (Battlefield 3)

December 9 – Player ID “nawkcire”, I’ll be in North American servers with “PBBans”. Use the search filters to find which servers have it. If you can’t get in, it’s cool just put yourself in queue if there is one.

Every Friday (except Fridays landing 3 days before or after a statutory holiday) thereafter.

Star Trek Online F2P Launch Party (Literally!) – More info in January!

January 17 (also reserve 18/19/20 in case server problems prevent us from playing) – More info of my Player ID.

As for VOIP if you wish to hear and play, I’ll definitely set up a RaidCall server so we can all play. Likely max 50 people on it but still enough. You can get the client and set up an account for free at It’s not a shameless plug, I’m just too poor for TeamSpeak and not intelligent for Ventrilo. More info on the server info when we get the ball rolling. Though Battlefield has it’s own VOIP so we might use that instead for Friday Fun Fest.

I’m also setting up a guild/fleet type deal for Battlefield and Star Trek Online. Anyone interested, please contact me. My contact info is in my About Me page, you can comment if you don’t want to email me. That reminds me, I need to make a page for that.

I’m excited to play with you guys since I would like to have a group of people to play with rather by myself. So whether you are anonymously following, stumble upon this, or just been following for awhile now, here’s your chance on some adventures with a fellow blogger. As the new year rolls in, I’ll have a more appropriate schedule for stuff. Until then, let’s just take it slow with Battlefield and Star Trek.

See you guys in game!


4 thoughts on “Ready To Play With Me? Invite Sent!

    1. I haven’t played it but I will look into it. Though if it’s a level grind to play with other people for a Fun Fest, then either people start a new character or it’s going to be one sad night alone.

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