Supply drop in the mouth: “There’s such thing as gamer food?”

Recently I’ve come across a very interesting article by a fellow blogger. It’s a small blurb about a new food company infusing the power of caffeine and ginger to airline food. It was surprising a company would do such a thing. I thought food was already good enough to keep you awake. I’m still right, I don’t think all the artificial enhancements would really change you; think of artificial caffeine infused food as steroids. Any genius would know what steroids do in the groin region and the head region.

The only suckers who would really fall for it are those getting sponsored by such company to get free stuff. I’m only an amateur, it’s unlikely someone would sponsor me for a BF3 tournament anytime soon. In large, their “quartet” of chemicals do nothing more than tired you out quicker. Lets take for example energy drinks like Redbull or Monster. Here in Canada, these things are medically unregulated. So the taurine and caffeine in them are usually up to 100 mg more than advertised on the bottle. Big side effect to turn this into a bad buzz, the taurine and caffeine don’t do a lot. All they do is just stimulate your body to produce hormones (and gets your heart rate up) to keep you awake; when the chemicals stop reacting, your hormone boost is gone and your body just collapses and slowly shuts down resulting into a crash. Also at certain age groups, the mind is still making those connections to really function in adulthood. Some scientists say it could mean these teens could in fact get addicted to caffeine like an adult. So it’s kind of an ironic balance between 6 hours or your health.

In fact, you don’t really need a solution that comes from a bag or a can. In a supermarket, it’s full of goodies to really keep you playing for hours on end. I for one never needed taurine to help me play; in fact, it makes me play worse since my heart would pump so quick that the normal adrenaline from a great FPS would likely make me die of a stroke or a heart attack. Almost experienced one of those, it’s not cool trust me on that one. So I resort to other means to keep awake. Not to enhance my mine or heart, but just put more gas in the tank. Any will do from a supermarket.

To this day I’ve at a lot of things on this keyboard; from pies to sandwiches, pizza to pasta, chips to chicken. You just have to find what works for your game. If you wanted advice on what to nibble on while playing video games, there’s no guru to tell you what you can and cannot do. But if recommended, stay as healthy as you can by sticking to the nutritional food guide. Carrot and celery sticks with a bit of dip isn’t so bad especially if your driving a vehicle (in game, not recommended in meatspace). You don’t need those fancy pants “energy enhanced” beverages, all you need is to not be a damn lazy fool and buy something from a supermarket.

However if you’re still unsure or hesitant on buying everything impulsively, here’s a few opinions on what “game food” should be. Primarily it has to be mess-free. Likely there will be times when something will be spilled and you will have to take your eyes off the screen, but when you’re going head to head in a tank or just the frontline force jumping in it’s best to stay crumb and drop free. I would recommend a pitcher of water, room temp or cold (personal preference) and take sips. Not large gulps, but just enough to flood the tongue with fluid. Of course, applicable to any drink, alcoholic or otherwise. Major issue comes with sugar drinks like juice, stay away! Sticky trigger fingers are not cool and it leave a nasty mess if spilled. With a food item, I would best suggest wraps involving large chunks of food. None of that ground meat or shredded stuff. Makes the mess easier to clean. While you’re at it, get a plate or bowl in case you need to free up your mitts for some manoeuvring. Even sandwiches, though choice of bread can really screw you. Stick with a whole wheat; if you don’t like it, suggest reading up on how to make some awesome wraps with pita bread. Soups? I would put that under liquids, drink it from a cup though if you want to see what’s going on. Salads? Keep it chunky, though this can be messy but really tasty. Pasta? Definitely pro choice, easy on the sauce though. Rice? Not ever recommended, it will be everywhere (no exaggeration needed). Pies? Chunky bits or stuff that falls in one nice pile, that goes the same with pizza. Chocolate is definitely good but lacks the nutrients to really keep you going (but delicious if you get it with the peanuts or caramel). If you worry about getting your serving of dairy in, cheese sticks or cut sticks from a large brick.

In terms of snacks and junk food, some are better than others at the desk. Old fashion beef jerky is still the best of the best; it’s virtually mess free and it gives your all the protein to keep going. Bite size tortilla chips are nice since it’s like eating a really thick and salty communion wafer, best served with a bowl of salsa (careful with the mess). Candy is a nice novice choice, it’s the kind of snack you would carry out on a nice Sunday stroll and so is your Sunday night smack down with a can of whoop-ass. Fries are nice, bite size and crumb free; though grease might factor into mess unless baked. Just mix and match, it’s like wine and cheese; you have to find the right flavour to what you do.

If you got food ideas or just questions about certain kinds of food, feel free to comment and I’ll comment back on what I think. Happy om-nom-nom!

P.S. I wrote this while eating a bag of chips…also thanks to Fly Gamer Girls for writing the article.


4 thoughts on “Supply drop in the mouth: “There’s such thing as gamer food?”

  1. I always get freaking starving when i stay up late playing games….i should really try to snack on some veggies when that happens. 😉

    1. I’d recommend having something with protein since it takes a long time to digest. I’m no nutritional expert, but a slow burning fuel is better than a sudden burst of energy.

  2. That chemical stuff is weird man. I usually have a bowl of fruit or crackers with me when I’m gaming. Can be messy depending on the fruit but its darn good 😛

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