Moving On Up! (P.S. I’m still keeping my Ubuntu)

It’s a hellish week for my computer. A lot of “on the bus, off the bus” kind of stuff. After a solid week of upgrading and working on the new operating system, I’m pretty excited on how my situation turned out. With new the OS and my almost one year old Zotac GT 430 card, I just barely make it into the minimum requirements for Battlefield 3. I’m just happy I just slipped through (maybe happy that damn PNY card fried itself…twice.)

After almost a full decade, I’m caving into Windows 7 to slip into the requirements for BF3. Without spending a dime on the new OS (sister’s CD onto my USB, there’s lots of how-to’s to do this). After some tinkering, I’ve managed to optimize and re-download most of my programs. “You could’ve recovered them from the windows.old folder after installation…” You might be wondering or even wishing you could shake it in me. I did look over all my files and I found it just as convenient to download my utilities and Steam. Since I had an external hard drive, my media files were just easy to transfer and keep on it. At first glance, it’s pretty user friendly. With some major changes to the look and feel, I just found it just too user friendly with some critical settings really tucked in deep in places where I want them apparent. In short, the Control Panel. There is a reason real control panels are really complicated and not call “This button to nuke” panel. In short, I’m disappointed on it’s friendliness. However there are a few upsides such as the much more apparent search feature. Alongside with all the new bells and whistles, I’ve found it pretty handy that most of my programs are set in a way most easiest to operate them. Makes things like Windows Live Writer easy to simple (-er) when used on Win7. It’s pretty biased since Windows works on Windows stuff, but I honestly find it easier than XP.

After two days of riding the buzz of a new system upgrade, I began reading through all the user manuals for my computer and discovered one thing that I should’ve done when I installed Win XP. One reoccurring theme through all these informative novels I’ve missed over the years I’ve read through them. My computer can support 64-bit programs and operating systems, which is a huge slap in the face. I’ve had 32-bit everything installed, including this fresh installation of Win 7 in 32-bit. So after a full couple days, I said to hell with all of it and reinstall from scratch. Starting with a new installation of Win 7 in 64-bit and reinstalling all the 32-bit programs I use to have and opting in to 64-bit whenever possible.

Aside the +2 days of repetitive insanity and frustrated frantic feeding of programs, I’ve managed to have it back up and running. Minecraft and Steam all up and running with my utilities and have been problem free for the last five days or so with BF2 and Project Reality at the ready when I feel like installing it in. For now, I’ll forgo the installation since Team Fortress is working out okay for now. Also I don’t really need to install games for now.

Though I’m not giving up on my Ubuntu USB since I still think it’s still something I really want around just in case.

After God knows how long without TV, I’ve managed to really stay synced up with shows I want to watch. Currently downloading or streaming when I can and watching the next day. Most of shows now are around from the Discovery Channel. It’s not so bad since I’m getting an educational experience. Well if you count Mythbusters, Sons Of Guns and anything they stream as an educational experience. Slightly embarrassing but true, the occasional following of Ghost Adventures as well. As long as I don’t blaze through a season of a single show, I should be able to keep up. Think of it as a personal TV network! Hehe, MeTV…”TV made awesome.”


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