Oops, I did it again…all over…with Global Agenda…and stuff

Hey everyone, been kind of an off week since that Global Agenda patch came out. Been pretty much preoccupied with down mobs than down food; or a shower. Anyways, it’s a small mistake I hope to correct. I don’t want to sit around all the time and just play game. Though on a rainy day, this place is as boring as a bank on a Sunday. Beside from that, I spent the whole week just gouging my game wallet into buying all the blueprints (aka craft recipes). So far I’ve bough everything but no craft skill to really do anything great, beside making a truckload of repair kits. Now that I got them, I’ve been doing nothing but grinding my other classes to get into the new open zone. So far, I’ve been just questing and playing PvE instances to get it done. Hardest part would be the 3 level gap from 17 to 20 since you can solo the old quests easy. Any hopefuls out there wanting to play and want to just solo the beginning, I say do it since you can get to level 17 or 18 within a day. Beats sitting and waiting for a group of people to help you pull off the quest instances.

Aside from all the Global Agenda grinding glory, I’ve been keeping up with a few things more game related and just following up on life stuff. Star Trek Online opened up a dev blog for the new free to play model beta. Covering all that juicy goodness of a mission journal revamp and stuff (noticed the new pet…very nice…) I’ve been playing a bit of Team Fortress as well, however I don’t feel a necessary hook into the gameplay except for collecting stuff and achievements. Kind of a backburner game if I want to pass some time. I’ve been trying to get out of the house as much as I can (still). Every good day presents itself as a day to go out and see my little corner of the world. Though usually resorting me to eat Korean or Mexican food, I do try and do my best to get out there and check out books and just be away from my desktop. I still remember that time after playing 72 hours of GTA IV that I thought the real world was Liberty City (…almost.)

However since the rain is here for a week, I’ve been cooped up in this house. However I’m making the best of it. My sister wanted me to run some errands around my locale so I can gladly help with that. More outdoors for me and time to spend with my sister. She’s pretty awesome that she does that sort of thing to help me out with my problem; wish my medication was like that. Yeah this weekly update is kind of a downer. But here comes the climax, I promise.

I’ve never played Halo ever. Not event the original one. However I’ve always marvelled at the “firefight” play mode feature, the idea of an unrelenting force continually bearing down on your team. Question is why doesn’t any game do that? Give the AI guns and drop the superb aim of them and let them have at you? Well comes games might work better than others at this. Best to have a way to heal or some way to revive your teammates. But considering how simple this function is, there could be lots of variability to game play. Since I’m playing it I might as well point out Global Agenda seems like a game that can benefit from a “firefight” mode as an extension of PvE content. Current the game has instanced PvE where you are either assaulting or defending. Fine to get that fundamentals down but I think this could extend to something greater. Like I don’t know? Terminus Station firefight? Currently that do have something like a firefight mode however it it’s way simplified and exploited by a particular class to get quick items. My idea is an instanced PvE with an infinite time limit where players one and sole objective is to just survive and maybe extend to have random objectives (escort/recover type of tasks). Hi Rez already has those mechanics in there, why not have a hybrid of all these ideas? Endpoint of the game mode would be hopefully be like the raid instances for low levels or even more challenging instances to push players to play as a cohesive team and maybe allow for better loot since it’s simply harder.

As of now, I’ll be waiting for the sunshine and maybe watch a bit of TV online. Until next time, I’m going to get going on those errands.


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