A little optimist for Star Trek Online

Recently, I’ve taken the time to read through Daniel Stahl’s interview with MMORPG.com. With the information I gather, it would seem like the best interest of the new players have already been taken into consideration. It’s a convincing argument the subscriber benefits should not disrupt the game flow. I find that a pretty good line of reasoning to focus how to entice players to go onto a monthly subscription service. I’m not quite sure how to accomplish this without the lifetime subscribers throwing up their arms in protest.

On one side of the fence there are those lifetime subscribers. Promised on purchase to forever have access to all amenities in game for a one time fee of about $300 (Canadian). In a way this option if it remained open would be a logical course of subscriptions. The price for this lifetime is equivalent to about 20 months of subscriptions. Therefore about now, that lifetime is paid off (retail started around February 2, 2010). In a matter of speaking if Cryptic chose to, they can expire those subscriptions since they technically paid for the full 20 months they would’ve received. Wouldn’t be so bad, in either case, they paid for their time. Can’t necessarily complain about it.

The only flaw I can really see is only the differential between lifetime and monthly subscriptions now and after. Monthly currently do receive the same benefits as a lifer, so there is no necessary need to really provide more benefits. I do think the logical choice to release that lifetime subscription service and focus more on monthly and C-Store fluff. No offence to any one who has a lifetime, but I think it is the primary problem.

From the interview, it seems very likely for me to play it with a lot of enjoyment. Seems like nothing in terms of missions and crafting systems would be affected. Still uncertain if they will change anything, but I do hope free to play would be pretty worthwhile. Even though I would like to have my hand at mission creation, but I can’t get too greedy. Though it’s slated for a late 2011 release, I’m kind of optimistic the changes will be ready late November. Not like I’m placing bets on it…


3 thoughts on “A little optimist for Star Trek Online

    1. Well STO has been out for over a year under a subscription basis. Recently they (Cryptic Studios) announced a F2P subscription model slated for late 2011.

      However I think there is a browser based MMORPG in the works for about a year or so. So far, I have not heard word from Star Trek Infinite Space, though personally I do think it looks like the same deal but based on the TNG/DS9 era.

      1. Ah, to be honest i’ve been a bit skeptical having come out of WOW recently. I know i know, it’s like comparing a bugatti to a yaris but still! 🙂

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