Star Trek Online: “…well…we got boned..”

Just yesterday, Cryptic released the free-to-play model. Excited at first, I began reading it and noticed not lot has changed. However for certain things I’m a little iffy around considering on content and service. I would definitely would post my feedback on their forums; but after a few minutes of reading the posts, my elit-o-meter went from “friendly people” to “selfish asshole” (pardon the language). Though not set in stone, I thought I share with players who stumble upon this post and have similar views to the current proposed play model.

Here’s what’s wrong the model. First off, silver accounts receive a 48/48 inventory/bank slot deal. Sounds fair I totally agree with you. After looking over all the items in game that you would keep because either you worked hard on it or you want to change up you style, it’s going to take up 25% of you inventory and up to 50% with the upcoming content additions (and stuff you just want laying around in case). Meaning either your inventory is going to be full of stuff you want to keep on you or you bank will be full that anything after goes to your inventory. I find this to disturb me for the fact that I use my inventory for consumables and items I might want to switch on the fly. Wouldn’t be a problem if you can stack all items; but as a future player and a veteran to the MMO experience we all live and share, we know weapons and armour most of the time never stack.

Fleets, guilds if you want to be blunt, are limited to silver players. To me, don’t really care. However as a future fleetie or fleet master, this may get you kicked in the balls courtesy of Cryptic. One thing I’m hoping not limited is the ability to start and manage. One thing limited in my opinion should be the leave and disband cooldown before you can make or join another one. I find people who just start and stop only to start straight after. Of course gold accounts should have this as well but a shorter amount of time. Other than that, building game assets and the like should be on a paid basis.

Energy credits, also know as your in-game money from what I’m ready from, will be limited. Questionable of how much you are capped off at but likely the worst idea in the whole list of features. Simply put, not worth your time Cryptic to be coding this. Even if it just 1 million credits as a limit, still not worth it.

Foundry which is their user generated content feature where you can make you own maps and missions. I don’t mind getting this locked out as long as I can play the content. Though I think silver accounts should get a little sneak preview of what you can get to do. Like maybe just restrict assets and allow only one map to be published? I think that should give the silver players a chance to see what they’re missing out on rather than putting a damn brick wall in the way.

Veteran rewards, don’t care. Mostly cash shop items anyways. Server priority, okay don’t mind if I can get in with one full server (…jerk.) Vivox voice chat ads, I don’t care, I’ll use Raidcall. I get three 50 man servers anyways. Screw your one channel.

In-game chat and mail. Here they don’t say much about what they’re doing. Hopefully only world chat/zone chat (as in sector-wide chat and server chat) is locked out. Totally unnecessary and childish for everyone to be given such a privilege to only abuse it. And yes I’m saying that as a matter of fact because it’s always abused. Example? Runes of Magic world chat trolling, it’s there…go now, I’ll wait for you…you see it? Yeah, pretty annoying eh?. Moving on to mail, hopefully nothing insane like you can send items to other players. That just sucks especially if you want to sell your gear for credits. Best idea would be no transferring of premium items from cash shop or no mass emails.

Forums and customer service restrictions. Forums should be open to all for feedback and whatnot, why must you code this? And for customer service, I hope they don’t mean that “oh sorry, you can’t help you since your a silver account user” crap. I’ve been in those games and it’s annoying when I need something done because I’m bugged and they can’t help you because you’re a second class citizen to them. One thing they should really do is priority ticketing, meaning gold accounts get their support tickets service first; just like the whole priority login deal. Don’t shaft us with this or “Sorry, I will resent playing because you provide inadequate service to this type of user.”

Now to the elitism of some of these player. I admit, they’re hardcore. They bought a game and rolled the 100+ dollar dice bet and they got a year to play. Good for them, they are now the veterans we can all look up to when we play. Not all are happy with the new subscription set-up. From what I’ve read, LTS (Life Time Subscribers) claim double butt hurt for having all their items available for purchase. First of all, you got them free; quit whining. Secondly, you don’t play squat therefore gold account forever for you. Also read on the bottom beside “Monthly Stipend”. You’re getting 400 cryptic points for a month for life. Meaning you can buy them whenever you please which brings us to the whole “exclusive item” double butt hurt claim. For people who already dished out over a year of subscriptions for a lifetime, you guys complain without logic. I hope your character is not Vulcan, poser.

Like I said, most of these are not finalized features for the model according to They’re waiting on feedback on the players which in this case are the LTS and monthly subscribers which would ultimately represent the other 50% of the server population. To the monthly subscribers, I hope you do argue for some of these points on their forums. You guys are voting with your wallets and I respect that, show some maturity and fight for those without much of a voice. To the lifetime people, learn from the monthly subscribers; be humbled with what you have received (it’s better that you do than crying to mother every day). To to my fellow silver users, I hope I see you all and maybe have a meet up for a couple raids or something. Definitely like some social interaction in my MMO. See you all in game!


2 thoughts on “Star Trek Online: “…well…we got boned..”

  1. This new ST:O F2P stuff has coincided with my graphics card blowing up. Hopefully, by the time I get a new one this will all be sorted out.

    Honestly, there’s nothing there that terrorfies me. Although it’s always different joining a game with a F2P model already established, than being a player of the game while the model is being set up.

    I figure by the time I play it, everything should be sorted. If not, guess it’s another MMO that never quite took off as well as it could have.

    1. Well don’t put yourself down on it. Usually they turn out pretty well but the profits only come in for the first month that are worth looking at. If you have a consistent increase, then you know you have a good product. If you get a jump and dive, then you know you flopped somehow.

      From what I’ve heard, Champions has that but the flop wasn’t too great. I’m hoping a slight dive in profit for STO (most of the community took out of colon, buddy) but it would maintain pretty well if they change up the model slightly with these ideas in mind.

      My tip for you, never go PNY. Customer service sucks like a zombie chimp (…oh wait…) I would help you out by hooking up a 30 dollar GeForce 430 (plus shipping) but it would be kind of hard for you to comp me for that stuff (that and would you really want to fork over 50 bucks to a stranger?).

      Well hope you give it a shot at the same time as me. I’m planning on taking up playing it for most of my young adult life (or until I get bored, we shall see).

      Good luck on finding a new graphics card!

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