I’m chargin’ my writin’!!!

I’m stoked. After a few days brainstorming and drafting, it’s done. I’ve made my longest post and it’ll be published later today. I hope it would be informative to gamer and would be widely distributed and used. If there was a blog post to learn from this one will be it. It’s about 3000 words long and provides the concise knowledge from my mind.

Chasing long and deep thoughts haunting me, I finally written this very post. The inspiration was from the guilds I’ve joined and left and the ones I made and disbanded. Considering this a dedication to those who always wanted the perfect guild in their game and can never have unless they do it for themselves.

This is for you.

In other news, I’m starting a Star Trek Online fleet. It’s in pre-planning right now, but I’ve gotten most of the stuff down. As the release date comes closer, I’ll inform you awesome people. There’s going to be a blog specifically for the fleet and an application. I’m working on the details for certain things. Definitely going to be an organized group of people playing missions and events together. I’m going to try and maintain it the most part until more and more people join.

Check back frequently for the blog website address, description, name, and voice server address.


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