The hunt is on…and stuff…

It’s odd how things turn out for me. When I want something, I won’t have a chance to get it. When I don’t need or want, I receive. And reverse psychology doesn’t count. My back’s been up and down since my last entry. Right now I hope for the best I can move on and start running. I’m definitely going to try either tonight or tomorrow morning. My vow to video games has been tempted but I’m not going to fall. Have to keep my head straight and move forward for now on. I’m getting pretty close to everything I need for this application and I just can’t wait to really kick things to high gear.

I’ve just started to outline a program I’m going to do my best to follow. For now I just have to keep running. If anything I would want to be ready to fit any and all requirements physically. The mental capacity is one thing I’m worried about. You can’t exercise that; you can certainly memorize, but you can’t tear it down to make it better. Well I guess I do my best and memorize everything I learned from high school. Boy, that’s going to be a lot of math and English.

I can’t believe summer’s almost to a close. I pretty much sat on my butt and did nothing. I really have to get everything together and do everything I have to do before winter. 

Besides that, I’m pretty much bored and finding it harder to think of anything to do. I really have to pull myself out of the house and do something rather than sit here and stare at this screen. Monotonous yes and I do need a change of pace, faster if possible. Probably just jog, shower, shave more, read and spend the rest of the day outside. Though it’s not going to be enough, probably something much more productive? Really need to get away from my possessions and put myself out there and do something. Motivation is one thing I don’t have for myself right now, I need that kick in the pants to set everything in motion.

Well time to make my to-do list longer…


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