Following the new, the old, the blue and the gold

The only way I’m weaning off my online gaming addiction is by writing in my blog, as I’ve said before these cravings get insanely demanding. In one corner, the active minded individual utilizing everything for nothing but an urge to journey through life looking for the perfect game. The other is the realist wanting to face the world with a pen in one hand. May not be the polar opposites anyone could really expect, but seems more fitting than my old self and the new person I’m wanting to be. It’s tough, but I’m hanging in there.

But back on track, video games. I’ve been holding back on playing them, but I can look and read about them. Kind of a kick of the pants, but consider it like looking at the enemy in the eye. I’ve been following a few games they seem to be coming out of places I wouldn’t necessarily expect. Admittedly, some aren’t the best I could see come out of the fabric of the human mind. Though some are pretty promising. One I would not have expected is from CryTek. First, it’s not going to be a Crysis 3 (though I doubt one would be in the works). I think it comes from their Korea offices, it’s called Warface. According the the U.S./International landing page, it’s going to be a co-op and PvP. And get this, free-to-play! The one thing that gets me hot over this game is that one of the features is “co-op moves”, really? I always wanted a game that’s more group based than just a run and frag co-op. So one thing I’m expecting is lots of buddy boosting and group based objectives. From the gameplay from the CryTek website shows some weapon and uniform options, though I do find it odd a military operator adds optical sights on a pistol. A few thing it does feature for weapons are shotguns, pistols, sniper rifles, and assault rifles. From what I can scavenge from the footage, it’s a go for the desert eagle, AK-74, Remington and Jackhammer shotguns, and something resembling a AWM called the “Alpine”. I’m exciting this is going to U.S. markets soon (correction, the website is from the U.K. office, checked the footer). I hope it doesn’t make the mistakes of turning co-op into a monotonous drive to the end and immerses players to play it over and over again. I’m not wanting a campaign co-op (though that would be nice to have it as a side), but just something that beats killing zombies and aimbotting A.I.

It haunts me that my past keeps surfacing and making me decide. The whole week my lower back has been annoying me since I can’t bend a lot. With an acquaintance moving away, I helped him move out and the boxes just aggravated the pain. Hopefully it could go away with stretches, I need my back for a lot of things. How my past fits in? I use to have a job that required heavy lifting and I’m hoping this is a temporary inconvenience so I can be able to lift and stretch my lower back again. I felt a lot of pain in various parts of my body, I never experienced something so excruciating as this. Though my running regimen is affected since I have to back off on the aggressive increase of difficulty. I was doing so well but since this back thing happened, I can’t do what I use to do so well. My body has to heal itself so I can get back out there. I missed a few days of running and I can feel my laziness jumping into this. 

In a recent entry, I did talk about NavyField. I’m interested into playing it once again if they really changed how they manage the game. Before it was hard to really play since you had to either sink ships for money and credits or really prepare to down aircraft to score some cash. Though it seems like the content has expanded, I’m more worried if that overpower has been overcome. I’m going to try it for a day and get back to you guys on it. I also do miss the large 128 player battles (but more commonly a 60-player room from what I remember). If you like, leave me a message with your email and I can send you  a referral. It’s free but the referral just gives you some goodies. I can only give three a month but if I get more referrals I would definitely send them out if more people want them. Like I said, leave me your email; my blog is moderated so if I send it, just check your inbox and junk for the invite and I’ll just delete your comment. So you don’t feel like you’re going to get spammed with random stuff…like my hotmail account.

I’ve gotten over Runes Of Magic yet again. I’m glad I pulled myself out of that game because of was spending unhealthy lengths of time watching my character walk back and forth grinding for gold. I don’t find MMO’s or any game that appealing to me anymore. I might be growing up or the medication, I’m hoping both so I can get this multiplayer monkey of my back. I miss my old self; that invigorated, motivated, “lets kick some ass” Eric. Whatever happened to him? Sigh. Anyways, I’m keeping the account in case I want to pick it up again. Though I wouldn’t mind selling, I doubt I will anytime soon. Probably never too since I really like my account. Same with all my game accounts or one that doesn’t have anything great on it but I maxed it out and might as well sell it. Though I doubt I would since an account goes cheaply in some places. Probably put it on craigslist to trade for an iPod Touch or something.

Just a lot more things off my mind.

Feel free to comment or provide some encouraging words, I could use it.


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