Grand Theft Auto IV – My favourite quotes

Out of all the games I’ve played, I’ve always wanted a game I could quote in everyday life. Whether it’s too display my anger or sorrow, I always wanted to put a spin on the world. Nothing says “I’m really angry” like vulgarity from Grand Theft Auto. I’ve never played the first three and the portables, but I played the latest instalments of the free roamer. I’ve played it through at least twice and I’ve always enjoyed the end game where you’re left to your own devices to use the world like a playground. Besides the graphic violence and the well constructed personalities brought to you by Rockstar Games. Sometimes their characters lead them. Here is a list of what I can remember from the story and miscellaneous  dialogue from the whole Grand Theft Auto IV trilogy. (CONTAINS COARSE LANGUAGE, READER DESCRETION IS ADVISED)


Niko Bellic (when you crash into something): “Thank god it’s not my car.”

Hot Dog Vendor: “Taste my meat!”

Niko Bellic (from the trailer): “We’re all looking for that special somebody.”

Niko: “Well, since you put it that way….I’m in.”

Niko (in combat): “GOD BLESS THIS CITY!”

Niko (running away from police): “Is this how you treat someone new in your country?”

Niko (when you rob a store): “I’ll take that.”

Niko (when robbing a store): “You don’t be needing this anymore.”

Mohammad [he’s the taxi driver]: “Get in, you head-dick.”

Niko (drunk and hailing a cab): “Yellow car!”

Lost and the Damned DLC

Johnny (while shooting): “I DON’T CARE”

(The DLC isn’t that quotable to me…though Johnny is one badass character.)

The Ballad Of Gay Tony

Luis Lopez (hit a pedestrian with your car): “I’m sorry like a motherfucker.” (This one is great since in the game, sounds almost sarcastic.)

Luis: “What do you mean it there’s no way it can fuck up? There’s always a way.”

Hernandez (in combat): “Headshot incoming.” (For added fun, modify the game files to let the machine gun be super inaccurate)

Chinese taxi driver (when dropping you off): “You deliver here.”

Hernandez (in combat): “You’re going down like your mom after a six-pack.”

Integrity 2.0: “Helicopter landing pad.”

Hernandez: “You should let me drive.” (Funny because he’s characterized as the stupid one)

Armando (when you crash or hit something): “What’s the dilly with this crazy driving shit?”


Got some quotes you remember from Grand Theft Auto? Share them, I like to hear what really tickles your fancy.


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