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Recovery over, time to run like crazy!

Oh man, when I woke up today; it was a relief. Yesterday I was aching in pain for the whole day from sunrise to sunset. Though, I do feel I have stronger legs after tearing them up the day before; I still have a bit of pain on my calf. I tried running on it today and it wasn’t so bad, I got in about 1.6 km which is still pretty good for a guy wincing in pain on every other step. I pretty confident once I heal up, I got that 1.5 in the bag. Just need 0.9 more and to keep pace, my pacing has been pretty fast but it’s at a comfortable rate that I’m not going to tired out so fast.

The whole week you might have noticed I’ve been posting up more than usual. I’m trying to cut back on playing videos once again and seems like the hardest task is to keep busy. So for now, blogging and running are the ways to go. I woke up just as the sun came up today and when for that nice run and went to bolster my food supply with some cereal. I’m trying to go on a carb diet of grains and minimal protein. Though I should really add more protein for optimal results.  Back in the day, I wasn’t really health conscious. Guess it’s a price for growing up. The meds must be really kicking in since I’m pretty focused all day and I’ve been trying to get as much done as possible. Like I’ve been contemplating this one idea. Well, it’s more of a question.

This summer it’s been a hassle for me to find shorts considering I rarely buy them. My closet is just filled with jeans, t-shirts and sweaters (my jacket too, but that’s on a hook than in the closet). The couple pairs of pants I have that’s not jeans are cargo pants. To put to bluntly, they see more action than my jeans. I wear them everywhere since it’s so versatile. With 6 pockets of varying sizes, you can’t really go wrong. Don’t believe me? I once carried a 6 inch sub sandwich, my keys, wallet, cell phone, a small notebook, small bag of chips, pen, and a CD. By definition, cargo pants is to a purse. So why can’t cargo pants be fashionable. Of course they come in the shorts variety, but I mean in terms of a trend. It comes in handy when you need pockets and I just find pockets in jeans usually doesn’t get the job done or they would rip. And hey while we’re at it, why not a cargo skirt for the ladies? Screw the purse, wear a cargo skirt. You can store your wallet, make-up, keys, drink, toiletries, paper/notebook, pen, phone, and mace right on you. Also it leaves your hands free to do whatever you please. Sure it might sound stupid, but cargo pants is the one thing I love to wear because of that portability factor. 

While we’re on the topic of of military wear, why not have a jacket or vest rather than carry a briefcase around. It’s like cargo pants, but for your chest! Ever want to sit on the couch with a beer, chips and the remote but you only have 2 hands? Cargo vest! Bringing a metal water bottle for your on the go need? Hang it off your cargo vest while you carry 2 more bottles. You’re a construction work and you don’t have space on your tool belt, what do you do? Cargo vest! Getting stabbed but your personal weapon is on your belt or purse? No problem, slip it in your cargo vest and whip it out and beat the guy senseless with your awesomeness. Don’t need that backpack kids – cargo vest!

Oh, that last week of August will be pretty much the pinnacle of my summer since I’m going to my old high school to get a reference for my application. After that, I need one more and it’s kind of hard to fit such a 5 year requirement. I’m not going to give up, I’m going to find that one person that would fit. Pretty much, I have nothing planned until then so I might just exercise and blog. But I know my notebook is going to be used more vigorously until then.

Beyond blogging and jogging, I spent some time fixing up my site a bit. Just merging categories and making a new one. So now there’s a place for reviews and such. I’m bound to do them anyways so I might as well open it up and let people take a look. Don’t expect a specific kind of review like a game or something else, but at least it’s a little diversion. I’m going to still be tinkering with my WordPress site, so be ready for some minor changes. I’m working on learning the Dashboard settings and see if I can change it up to something I’m content on. Speaking of WordPress, I’ve been adding tags to my subscription page. All this time I’ve been going to tags to look up stuff while I had this to just click and see. It’s a pretty lengthy list and I think I prefer the tags page since I have to keep scrolling for stuff and the scrolling is pretty laggy since it loads large chunks. No matter, I’m going to try and get working on those settings!

Feel free to comment and question. I will definitely try to respond.


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