Vintage Review – NavyField: Resurrection of the Steel Fleet

As I mentioned awhile ago, I use to play a large variety of video games and as up to date with all of them. Recently, I’ve started my aggressive campaign to stop my addiction a second time, it’s recurring but it’s happening less and less (making progress). But more that in my person blog posts. So recently I’ve looking a game I use to be in love with because of the sheer monstrosity of the PvP battles. After awhile I stopped playing because of technically problems, then I stopped completely because of them.

(This all from the website and from my memory so I apologize if I can’t get you something more current)

NavyField: Resurrection of the Steel Fleet is pretty what it sounds like. But for the non-history buffs, it’s a WW2 naval MMO where you play the large players of the time; US, Germany, Japan and Britain (New since I left, Russia and France). You play by outfitting your “historically accurate” ship with your weapons, crew, engines, fire control systems, and aircraft (if you choose the aircraft carrier role). The gameplay allows you to jump into a room with many players and fight large sea battles with a mismatched fleet from every nation. All over it is played in a isometric view which is doesn’t provide much detail to the ships, your more or less like a chess piece (you might all look alike, but with different stuff helping you). Of course each nation is specialized like the tank/knight, mage/priest and ranger/archer archetypes we see in every other Korean made MMO (Yes, this game was made by SD Enternet which is a small time Korean company). You buy new ships as you level up; well you must have a bridge operator to be able to get new ships, and naval guns work the same way. Both crews and ships have tech trees where you can align the abilities of the crew to what you want to do. So from the start, you are a lowly frigate. Don’t be discouraged, these are beastly annoying if you can survive since they’re the fastest of any ship but with the lowest engagement distance. As your operator levels you unlock new ships to be purchased; destroyers, then cruisers and subs, all the way to battleships and aircraft carriers. But as you bridge operator levels and you unlock, you can’t switch ship classes. This means as a battleship, you cannot operate a carrier unless you have another bridge officer who is given that class of ship. Though this gives lots of variety, the crews is much more linear in their tech tree. As you level the crews, you can assign them to different roles like gunners, support crew, and even a generic crewman. After that, you choose more specifically what you want the crew to do. So you can have an engineer to buff your engines, a medic to heal your crew (yes, they can die in battle) and anti-aircraft gunners to name a few. Each nations gets a slightly different scheme to their crew tech tree to allow some nations to be better in certain departments. This game is not much on cosmetic features, just a heads up to those fashion divas who want a pink ship.

When I first started, I was fairly curious on a large naval game. I started with the frigate and I just began to skyrocket in experience. After awhile, I topped out at the light cruiser class for the US. After that it was fairly much a grind since the only way to really gain is to play against players with larger ships which means larger guns which also means a monstrous crew level with more stats than you. So from the short month from frigates and destroyers to cruisers, it took me about three months to earn the first carrier. And then after that, it just gets harder. Though the aircraft controls are very responsive during the time, it was really hard to down fast ships so I focused efforts in sinking the larger targets like the heavy cruisers. Though at times, I would take down a battleship but those were very rare times. After awhile I settled into the role, then the destroyer of all my fun rolled into the proverbial harbour. A patch which updated the game that would be my last. I spent the next months either crashing or lagging. Even times when the game just freezes my whole computer. I did what a normally do to games that run into technical trouble; troubleshoot and if all that fails, get angry and take it out on the company that insurrected such primal nature. I tried my best to convey it as formally to the company but they just kept responding in broken English that the problem is being solved and provide random technical solutions that I’ve already tried. As insistent as they are that these solutions worked, I just got tired of them of putting me in a loop of answers. So I gave up with a big “screw you all, hope you die, and have a burning sensation when you pee”. From then on, they are on my list of “D-bag Devs/Publishers” topping off with GamersFirst (I’ll tell you more about it in a later review). Recently I tried to come back to the game after they revamped their site. Unfortunately, more bug problems that just bar you from playing. I once again tried troubleshooting with the three solutions in various combinations, here’s what happened (you are going to be as confounded as I was). I tried replacing the files, even deleting and letting the launcher to to redownloading files. Next, I tried a full uninstall/install then a restart. After that I when through it all over again, it worked; got me to the login screen. My hopes were increasing as I begin to input my username and password. Guess what? Data files are corrupted. So I looked up the problem. The forums told me to to move and replace certain files, didn’t work. I tried it again, didn’t work. After the third try, I noticed a pattern. I kept copying the same files over and over again. Then I noticed it, a game that deletes itself. ARE YOU MOTHERF***ING SERIOUS?! A GAME THAT DELETES ITSELF?! First time ever as a gamer I’ve ever encountered this. I laughed, I smashed a few things, I even went out and ate fistfuls of food in sheer hysteria. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good game to play from time to time. But how are they making money if they cannot allow you to log in? Apparently not, I know the signs of a failing .com game company. First the fault; then comes the angry customers who are en masse leaving. Then the announcement of “we’re merging servers, yay!”. After that, the people dumb enough to stay now leave. What’s left? the people who can just barely stand it since now the server population is just the same people and now you’re either frustrated or bored that you keep killing the same people and want a challenge. Either case, you would then drop out unless you have a mindset of a drug addict (Use it until you find a way out. P.S. I don’t condone illicit drug use. Stay in school/get a job, kids).

For the most part from my fond memories, it’s a very fun game. I would recommend it; however with all it’s problems, you should re-evaluate the time and effort you will be putting in to just get the dang thing to work for probably a month or until the next patch comes out. When you’re in, be prepared for a long 120 level grind and cash farm. Hopefully there will be events to help you out since the cash you get without it is miniscule compared to the sheer amount you need for a multimillion credit ship. Same with the crews, I only have my best wishes to bestow you if you choose to accept yourself as a lowly person spending a long time to get this game from deleting itself (Emo joke: This game is so sad, it deletes itself. Yeah crappy joke, I know.) Without this terminal flaw, I would give it a positive rating of “try it for at least a week”. However with it, it’s more of a “you’re better off playing heads or tails with a dime in scuba gear submerged in a murky pond of fecal matter.” That is all.

If you did get the game and it doesn’t work, please leave a comment and unleash your dissatisfaction. If it works, please leave a comment about your experience and how to fix it. Until next time, have fun!


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