Runes Of Magic, USB key, and this damn heat wave (“Send water, thanks!”)

It’s been one hell of a hot week. I don’t mean it in a kinky way, either. The heat soared to past 30 on Monday so I’ve been taking the initiative to turn off my computer during the day and work on stuff once the sun goes down. Which is really hindering progress on my add-on. I’ve been also working on finding that Linux operating system I want to use when XP falls of the radar. I’ve finally settled with Ubuntu, but I would like it on an USB key so I can boot it to a laptop if I choose to. Though I wish I could at least see how Chrome OS works out for me. Too bad I can’t get an official version without spending over 400 bucks on a Chromebook. Only place I got a hit on those things is Best Buy. I know Best Buy and they usually rip you off on hardware. If you’re in Canada, you know better to shop at Future Shop than Best Buy to save a dollar or more.

I finally bought that USB drive I’ve been whining about. Well my sister has been whining about me getting one. So now I have one, though it has gotten me thinking. Since Windows XP is running on extended support until mid-2010’s, I might have the opportunity now to begin looking for a Linux alternative. I would pick up Windows 7 or Windows 8, but in either case it would be pricey for only 5 years of use since it would be an OEM copy for about $160-200. Also these new operating systems are getting real heavy, I’m talking about about 1-2 GB on a fresh hard drive. So rather wasting the days I have to receive a pirated copy, I’m going to just get Ubuntu, buy another USB and turn it into my live USB. However from the research I’ve been checking into, there are some reports that it might quickly destroy my USB on a full install. If anyone can confirm this, it would be appreciated since there is an alternative being I get an SD card and a USB SD card reader. According to Live USB Limitations, “Due to the additional write cycles that occur on a full-blown installation, the life of the flash drive may be slightly reduced. This doesn’t apply to systems particularly designed for live systems which keep all changes in RAM until the user logs off. A write-locked SD card in a USB flash card reader adapter is an effective way to avoid any duty cycles on the flash medium from writes and circumvent this problem.” If this is true, I might as well go with the route. For now I’ll keep Ubuntu 11.04 on a CD as a trial copy so I can play around with it and see if I like the interface and such. Sure it may not play all the games I want to play, but at least I’ll have an operating system that would be as secure as I can have it. The closest thing to Windows on that would be the WINE project application which allows Linux to read data from Windows. So essentially, an emulator (almost). According to the list of things it can support Runes OF Magic so I would be safe to play my only MMORPG I ever play nowadays. So which brand did I buy? Since I trust Kingston on my flash memory needs (my system runes on their DDR memory and my previous lost), I went with 4GB DataTraveler since Future Shop had a deal for $7.99. Though for my Ubuntu boot USB, I think I’m going to get one that’s a slider or something that doesn’t require a cap. I just have something against caps, I just hate having it plugged in and only to hold onto the cap wondering where to put it.

Speaking of Runes Of Magic, I haven’t been playing much recently due to this heat wave. Of course my system has 3 fans (maybe #4 once I get this salvaged piece cleaned and prepped), but it’s not enough for my room to heat up to an uncomfortable level. Even now at a balmy 34 degrees outside, my room’s sitting around a 36 or 38 (Celsius). And even with the door opened and the fan and the highest setting, it’s not doing justice to this sticky heat. I’m hoping this storm predicted on Monday would cool everything down. I really want to get back making my damn clock (hahah!). Also I think I’ve figure out the problem with it. For the whole build I’ve been trying to assign a slash command to the function; either after or in the slash command function. I’ve been looking it the wrong way. What I should do is to have just the function set with a command name, then when I hotkey it in game it’s a simple “/run (command name)”. Hopefully that would help a whole lot considering I thought I had to hook it into the game as command. Once this heat dies down, I’ll begin compiling the clock. If it works, I’ll upload it for anyone that wants to try it out. I’ll leave a memo in the add-on to teach you guys how to install and create a macro for it. Also if it does work well with IFF, I’ll publish it shortly after as a package. Of course I’ll keep piling more stuff to the add-on; but once the framework and initial release goes out, it will be a matter of bug testing and improving.

As you can tell, I have a grudge on the current weather condition. Considering Toronto hasn’t seen rain for about a month and in a week long heat wave. Until a couple hours ago, that would be the truth (took me a few hours to write this, heheh). Still pretty hot though even with a light downpour though it would evaporate by tomorrow if there’s nothing to really cool off the cement.

Time to get some work done and try out Ubuntu and such. Leave a comment about this article and stuff about tips and tricks about Linux and buying USB drives. I would appreciate the feedback!


2 thoughts on “Runes Of Magic, USB key, and this damn heat wave (“Send water, thanks!”)

  1. I also use Ubuntu on a secondary system, it is very user friendly though there are not that many games that are natively supported without, as you said, using emulation such as WINE.

    Why don’t you full install Ubuntu instead of keeping it on the USB? You can have both Windows XP and Ubuntu at the same time if you want too.

    1. I would but I would have to partition my 500 GB that’s all dedicated to the Windows NTFS format and there’s a lot of valuable data on there that I can transfer just yet. There’s a large overflow that most of my private files have transferred to my back up to make room for this 10+ GB from BitTorrent. Also last time I checked, Window XP is still under support. So I think I’ll keep it on then move it over to my system. Or I can purchase another 500 GB and format for Linux, it would still be a costly installation so I rather wait it out then pop her in.

      Thanks for the recommendation.

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