Creating a add-on is ha-a-a-a-ard and other game stuff

A small update on what’s going on with that Runes of Magic add-on from my previous post. I’ve started a few scripts, only 1 of them is working right now. What I have planned out so far is an in-game clock display. From that I hope to expand it to a small add-on that would include in-game time, local time and a alarm feature. The third add-on will be an IFF (identification friend/foe) which will display detailed information about the entity you target. Everything from race, class, level, energy and health will be displayed. I don’t have anything to add to the IFF after it’s done, but I’m using it as a scripting platform so I can hone in on what I’ve learned. Currently the IFF script I’ve been working on has been shelved since I have to find out how to link the function to the command. I’m trying to put it up to a slash command so that I can put it directly into a macro. So far, no success. You think a simple clock would be easy but it really complex. I have gone through about 10 iterations with none of them having any effect. I’m currently working on migrating the code into the command function so that it works within the function without a need of another function. Hopefully this would fix it. After spending a who weekend with Notepad++, I actually like this over the notepad from Windows. Definitely something worth keeping around especially when you need to do some programming stuff. But back to the whole clock deal, I think I might be on the right track. A glint of intelligence came through on Monday when I figure to embed that code right into the slash command. Also rather than giving various conditions and commands on their own respective lines, I’ve condensed them as much as I can possibly can so that the output is not a copy of a function I wanted to do already. I haven’t received a chat output yet for the clock bit, but I am making headway on what I can do with that DEFAULT_CHAT_MESSAGE script.

So far those are the only ideas I have for the whole add-on. If only I had full access to the UI then I would do something crazy like build my own in-game web browser and such. Though I am thinking about scripting a simple calculator; alongside this, probably some other things to pull out scripts that no average user would really have access to without digging them up.

Yesterday I found a nice little weapon redeem code for Alliance Of Valiant Arms. I had a few hours today to try it out. It’s pretty nice but so weak. It’s a nice change up to the HK416 i have in-game. Besides being one of the rare weapons in-game, it’s my first weapon I’ve received through a code or coupon. My first coupons I’ve gotten were for Runes Of Magic. They were just some really nice experience and talent point boost potions and some other little goodies. Along side with good news, I finally got my G1 driver’s licence after four years. I did pretty well at the test and I don’t know why people make it such a big deal. Now I have to wait a month to get my licence in the mail. Though, I’m not curious what other things I’ve missed out because I don’t own piles of magazine subscriptions.

Oh, while we are on the subject of ideas and video games. I think I’ll start putting down my ideas for this Stargate game onto paper. Hopefully one day someone will want those ideas and maybe allow me to work intimately on the game. Though as optimistic as it sounds, I hope someone does create such a game. There’s many ways to approach it. As a science fiction piece would be nice to see considering lots of MMO’s are now pure fantasy and such. I guess I’ll start by finding a notebook large enough to fit all my ideas in as descript as possible.

Well I better get back to it and debug my work. Hopefully I’m on the right track on getting at least this damned clock up and running.


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