Runes Of Magic: Macros And You

Ever since I started playing with Runes Of Magic, I always though it would be pretty bulky in terms of casting and item usage. Of course, I vowed not to ever alter the behaviour and aesthetics of the game so people who start playing can see what I’m really doing. However, you can’t help but to do something the game will allow you to do. So today, I begin updating my macros for the game and maybe share my insight on macros.

Before we begin, lets talk about what is a macro (those who already know, skip ahead…it’s just me helping people). Etymologically, it originated from macroscopic. Since the digital, a macro is set of instructions performed under a single command. Lets take something simple like shortcuts on your desktop. Say you want to open My Computer, you can just click it and you have it. Now lets get crazy like accessing Skype while opening My Computer. Traditionally you would have to click on both to start or have them highlight and hit your Enter key. Either case, that’s about 2-4 keystrokes (a press of a button if for those who are technologically illiterate). Now you can however work around this by having software installed to allow you to hit that button and it would do both at the same time. So you can assign your F10 as the “Open Skype and My Computer” key and with that single keystroke, will allow you to perform the action of 2-4 keystroke. Of course this idea really catches on in the gaming world were ever action needs to be set as quickly as possible.

Currently I’m a level 44/46 Priest/Knight and as part of the Priest class, I have to heal and buff and all that jazz. It gets difficult when I have to cast many spells all in a span over multiple keystrokes. So around level 25 or so I began to the long road into learning keybindings and macros which still follows me to this present day. It started with learning basic channel commands, those little slash commands that would switch channels much easily. That was rudimentary as in Runes Of Magic, there a just a few:

/s For local. Only people nearby can see.

/world For Server Channel. Everyone will see this.

/r For replying to whispers or tells

/t For whispering to someone. /r is also acceptable.

/z For Zone. The region you are standing in can hear you.

/[number from 1-9] Private channels you’ve join. They can be named, but the commands are for each sequential channel  you join.

/p For party, with players just killing stuff or raiding and watchnot.

/g Guild channel, let your guildies know what’re your thinking and such.

Fairly straight forward as you can tell. As I moved on from that, I start to learn some more secretive commands that worked in chat. These of which I’ve used up to this day is my form of casting magic, setting wait times and using items. These were the introduction to the real awesome stuff.

/cast [Skill] Used for casting skills available to your character. the [Skill] portion is case sensitive.

/use [Item] Just like /cast but for items in your backpack/inventory.

/wait [number] Pretty much a simple command to pause the macro for an amount of time in the [number] variable in seconds. Whole numbers only.

That’s worked pretty well so far. I haven’t ran into trouble. Though some are really annoying since you have to account for cast time and cooldown using the /wait and the /use is very specific on the item when you really need mana or health. So I’m kind of suffering from a mid-level crisis; it’s like mid-life but I won’t buy a motorcycle or dye my hair and stuff like that. I’m beginning to understand these macros that I’m confident enough to begin adding more and more into them to make them pretty fun and complex.

Rather than completely destroying my macros I can easily edit, I created a text macro to program in the Macro tab in-game. You can go there by hitting ESC and clicking on the Macros button. From there, pick an empty space and hit that “new” button.

Macro Screen

From this little window, you can change the icon and name which will appear when you hover over it. Here’s an example of my basic macro for casting Group Heal:

Example: Group Heal

So those are pretty easy; just casts Group Heal which heals everyone in the party. The wait command is given so that the /s command will be sent at the moment the Group Heal is completed it’s cast. Now lets go to our new macro, Lets learn some simple that I caught on real quick; the /run command (come people use /script, but /run is easier). All it does is executes certain functions from the game files that are limited to buttons, events and certain windows. It goes something like this:

/run [Function] [Parameters]

/run is used to tell the game to run a script within it’s files. The function is the specific function you wish to run and the parameters are sets of conditions to add on to the function. So now we got that down lets do “DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME”. I only know one command that goes along with this which is called “AddMessage”. What this two things are is to indicate the function will be in the main chat window and it will be an internal event message (this is used mostly as a chat logger for event in the game like an event dungeon, a celebratory greeting or festival). In this case, we’re going to make it say something. Noticed I added the parentheses there which will contain our conditions.

First Function

Now that we got that, lets add in what we want to say in the message. As part of the example, I’m just going to put down “Hello World!”, but put down whatever you wish. This condition is a string so you have to put it in quotation to indicate to the game that it is a string (a string in terms of macros is just a bit of information that’s not in relation to the function but for the use of the function to use as part of it’s action). Be sure to save it, it will close the window and now you can assign it just like a skill. I’ve placed mine in the 4th action bar which I’ve allocated to the right side of the screen.

Test Drive

Now lets try it, by now you should know how to activate skills and assign skills through the NPC-led tutorial so go ahead and hit the hotkey or activate it by clicking it.

It Worked! That and I was gathering herbs.

Cool! Your first macro. This really does nothing but displays a message which can come in handy in terms of knowing which skills have been casted and where in the sequence you casted it from. Now lets try making it change colour. To do this, after your condition you can set the RGB percentage. The percentages should range in a decimal from 0.0 to 1.0 where 1.0 is 100%. Be sure to separate the message with commas to indicate you want to change the RGB scheme. In this example, I’ve make it white by setting red to 100, green to 100 and blue to 100 percent. To set it to black, it’s the opposite (0.0, 0.0 and 0.0).


Sweet! We have colouration. By now, you must this “worst macro ever”. Totally wrong consider we’ve only scratched the surface. Here’s some screenshots of some other tests I’ve tried.

In-game Time: What do the numbers mean?

Tried to tinker with if statements. Failed...good thing no one was around to hear me...

UnitTitle...really? Guess that's good.

A few things to note; the max characters is 255, you cannot link one macro to another and you only have 49 macros.

Next up on my way of learning macros is creating my own slash commands and building a library of stuff I can add to. Dare I say my own shoddy chat commands?

Have fun playing around and get back to me on making your own macros. What you found and what you’ve learned. Share so maybe I can learn a bit too!


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