Happy Canada/Four-days-before-Independence Day – Why no love?

Hey folks, thought I would drop in and give you an early bit than my usually weekly chatter. First off, happy Canada Day and happy pre-Independence Day. To celebrate these independences, lets address some other things we’re celebrating today…shall we?

-To the Republic of Suriname, happy Keti Koti. Abolishing slavery from the Netherlands since 1863, nice work!

-The Warsaw treaty dissolved in ‘91, NATO wins.

-Happy 32nd birthday to the Sony Walkman. You look slimmer now than you were…just saying. While we’re at it, happy birthday to the SOS signal at a nice ripe age of 103.

-Though your two had differences, you made it 21 years without splitting again. Go Germany!

Now that we got that out of the way, I hope there will be food and fireworks wherever today. Though I got a feeling most places will be closed, hope you stocked up on ribs and ground beef (if you’re a vegetarian, then some good vegetables for the grill…yum). I’ve been scrambling around seeing if any games I’ve been playing have a Canada Day or Independence Day giveaway or event. I like those since usually they give out in-game fireworks, some sparkly items or some nice stuff to keep on your account for years to come. Though likely not on Canada Day, but I do have a feeling about Independence Day being filled with these events everywhere. A few years ago in Runes of Magic (don’t quote me exactly, memory blur), they gave out fireworks in-game that shot out of your character about 12 to 15 feet into the air and really illuminated the sky. Also they put it into the c-store after, but I got away with some fireworks which I still have in my backpack in-game. It’s pretty neat and I usually light one when I do something awesome. So far nothing bit I’m not losing hope on it since I can always go outside and see the real deal or so something better.

Well, I’m currently downloading Planetstorm. It’s UDK showcase game, can’t wait to try it and get back to you all about it. Later folks, have a good one!


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