End of the week with a bang and a lesson in my pocket…

I’m not too sure how to really put my week into words. I know it’s a start of a new week, I just spent my weekend doing so much, so much in context of my sedentary lifestyle and coming out to be more active outside.

Besides doing those pesky daily quests in Runes Of Magic, I’ve been contemplating on which class I should choose with the new update. They have this dual class system to let you play all skills from a main and a short list of skills from a second. Well I got my two and recently they added a third class. Not really a third, but more like a second secondary class to choose from. I’m kind of stuck on getting a mage or rogue; maybe one of the elven classes though I think you have to choose elf as a race to get those I think. But I guess I’ll think hard about it considering it might be awhile until the next chapter comes out. 

Though that’s not all I did (though it’s like 95% of my days), I’ve been studying up on that driver’s license I’ve been sitting on to do since two years ago. I still need to work on getting down the numbers for certain guidelines. I’m never good with numbers; if I was a chemist, my lab would be foaming, radiating, dripping with various colours of florescent goo, or exploding because I can’t remember how much I should put in (unless I wanted to make a foaming, radioactive, glowing goo that can be used as C4). So I have to really go down on that.

I spent most of the weekend being outside trying to get away from my computer in an attempt to stop being so dependent on technology to provide everything to my finger tips. Also there are a few things I would like to keep palpable so I can actually learn a skill. So the one thing I did was go on a long walk to Cabbagetown to find out if I would get down around the Don Valley. I didn’t know it was possible until I went there to check it out. Though getting there wasn’t a challenge, coming back was the hardest bit. I didn’t know I was mildly sensitive to dry weather where pollen could be floating around. By the time I got home, I was pretty much half dead and sniffling and eyes watering. I’m not going to point at allergies just yet, I know I’m not allergic to pollen, maybe sensitive would be the more correct term. So now in case I ever come across that position or just want to have a long day outside,  I’m going to be carrying a allergy pill in case I need to get some relief. Kind of made the connection for 5 years in a row with dry, hot weather and various blooming plants and dust particulate. Now I know better and I can prepare for a lot in my life that will involve pets, flowers and construction. Oh crap, just though of the what if probability I will not be enjoying my wedding if I chose to get married. Seems to higher for lesser enjoyment, doh! I would get into detail on the whole deal but it would be TMI to the max and it would be as rad and wicked as I make it sound (enough with the hip talk?). But anyways, I have to think of my life as chess now and not like checkers.


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