Slow week – Expensive food is expensive!

Probably the slowest week has passed finally and I’m still planning the other two months I have remaining of the summer. Probably going to fill it with miscellaneous projects. I’m going to try and study up and get a driver’s license. I’ve been talking about this a lot, kind of worrying that I now notice I have commitment issues towards myself. So small projects and maybe get on submitting an application or two besides from that. I’ve been pretty sedentary so I think I should do more and more, maybe even pull myself finally out of the house and get back on track.

I fell back into playing Runes Of Magic. But I think I’m going to force myself off it after the week. Then see what I want to do after, I’ve been sleeping and eating in the confines of my home and hardly anything else. Speaking of couch potatoes, I’ve been trying to hunt down for another MP3 player since both my Sony devices are now bricked. I’ve considered an iPod Touch, but I really don’t want to jump on that bandwagon if I don’t need to. It’s a nice handy device I must admit, but I think there might be a device. And before I knew it, I found one. I’ve been looking up and down with various keywords and came back with something cheaper than an iPod Touch and iPhone depending which model you buy from Archos. Looking through the customer reviews on Amazon and local stores, it’s fairly mixed, but I think once I get some cash flow my next MP3 or entertainment portable will be an Archos device (and hope the $100+ purchase won’t bone be hard in two years).  Even the company name sounds awesome.

On Friday for the first time in my life, I went to a Red Lobster with a few acquaintances. Let me say if you ever go to Red Lobster, make sure the party host has the balls (or ovaries) to actually ask for a tables rather than flipping the party member to ask. It’s kind of embarrassing when a 21 year old make can’t even approach a hostess as ask for a table and to only push another male to the situation to ask. Besides that gentlemanly disaster, we sat down and had a nice conversation and meal. I had the Garlic Herb Shrimp and Chicken with a Caesar salad, cheese and broccoli soup and brownie a la mode. After the whole ordeal or unmannerly conduct through and through (we’re Asian and all, but it’s not that kind of restaurant at Red Lobster in my opinion), it was alright; pool and cards to end the night.

Because I got home tired, I crashed the whole Saturday and missing out on my medication that I woke up with a painful headache this morning. Not painful as in “I thought to hard and now it hurts” but more like “my skull feels like it’s going to explode while my brain is about to implode, that’s not a good sign”. I think my vitamin regimen is working well, though it’s staves off the headaches. The medication for now are the only thing hold me back from receding back into a solitude life of numbing hopelessness and quiet screams of the emotional pain that stakes itself on my life. From what I know, I’m on waiting list for a psychologist. Until I receive therapy, the medication will have to suffice to hold me positively firm. But back on track, I’m not going to Red Lobster any time soon unless I pick up a gig that can pay for such a meal. I doubt it will ever come to something that great, but I can only hope.

As of tonight though I’m not really calling this an accomplishment, but I watched all episodes of Stargate Atlantis in under a week. I’m not really proud of myself since each season can be viewed within a day. I have to admit, watching it back to back makes it not as interesting compared to watching an episode at a time. Until then, I have to make a grocery run and maybe a pick me up from a McDonalds. I know binge eating is not the way to go, but I really need something to cheer me up right now after a full week of just sitting on my gluteus maximus watching thespians on a 21-inch LCD monitor. There’s a lot to do that I’m not taking advantage of in my small little corner of the world. So less talk, more exploring.


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