Really Bad Computer Jokes And What’s New To Me

It’s an early morning and I think I would tickle that funny bone. I’m more of a stand up than just a one-liner, but these I thought up were pretty good. So I think I should share them with you guys.

What did the file say to the hard drive?

Don’t depile me, bro!

What do you call a hard drive in a cubicle?


What do you call a SATA drive upside down?


What do you call a 40GB hard drive nowadays?

A doorstop.

What did Microsoft Office say when you install it?

“Looks like you’re installing Microsoft Office. Do you need help with that?”

A user walks into a bar and looks at the sandwich menu. He’s dissatisfied and calls the barkeep. He asks as he points to a sandwich, “how many bites would this take?” The barkeep replied, “For you, 32 768 000 000.”

What game does a blogger play with his blog?


What subject you call a pirate pirating a pirate documentary about pirating in the 1600’s?


I tried. You were warned.

Anyways, I started to listen to podcasts for the first time. Yeah, yours truly finally started into the podcasting stuff. I use to have iTunes but I would just sit there and listen to music and never really check out any of those broadcasts. My first one I’m listening is The 404 from CNET. If i wanted to listen to two Asians and a white guy talk about computers, games and hardware with all the profanity and slurs of a sailor; I would go outside (sorry if I offended anyone). So far, it’s the best and relatable podcast I’ve found so far; that and their schedule is pretty frequent so I don’t have to syndicate episodes. I have to find some other podcasts, but this is the only one I really enjoy. So much so, I’m starting to listen their episodes chronologically until I get to the most recent one. I had a SG-1 marathon, I can do a 404 marathon. So I’m up to episode 8 now with each spanning about 30 minutes.

I’m considering on getting back into Runes Of Magic. It’s free to play and I have a level 45/45 character I haven’t seen in ages so I think I should really give it another shot. Though most of the time, I’m just catching up with my priest and the quests are pretty similar. But I think I should get back into it and try play it some more. I’m already getting bored of FPS games and maybe I should go back to my beloved MMO? Though I wouldn’t mind a Stargate MMO, unfortunately Cheyenne Mountain went bankrupt awhile ago and never finished, pity.

Something new happened recently; I finally got that external hard drive. How I got is serendipitous; I just found an 80GB IDE Maxtor DiamondMax in the trash so I thought I might as well take it in and use it as an internal. Unfortunately my IDE  space is full with my optical drives and I don’t have a IDE/SATA converter so I did the next best thing and made it as a small back up hard drive. So I bought one though I might have a feeling I may regret my purchase of a IDE hard drive enclosure. However maybe someday I’ll buy a SATA enclosure so I can swap between both. I always wanted to have a large database of just stuff I want to save like my music and videos. So pretty much, just amateur plug and play stuff. Now I regret not getting the IDE/SATA enclosure for $35, lesson learned (maybe gift this little puppy to my sister?). My awesome computer is just a few steps away, just have to upgrade memory and maybe the cooling system and a bank of external hard drives.

Until next time bloggers, have a nice Friday!


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