Facebook Update Teamwork

I spent my whole weekend reminiscing on what I’ve done since the last time I updated Facebook. That moment was about probably around grade 10 or 9, something like that. So I had to add the new stuff I liked and what I was into. Looking back at it, I’ve noticed some things I’ve regret putting on there. Anyone have that problem where you’re sitting there thinking “where was I when this happen”? I was all up in it thinking I should add more, but it was hardly anything to add and a few things got removed since I was out of that phase. Like for interests, I removed a lot of stuff like hiking and exercise and it’s all video game related stuff. The most constant interest is movies since they’re all action, documentaries and teen flicks. Speaking of teen flicks, did watch She’s the Man and Easy A last night for the first time.

Besides staying the coarse on Facebook, it kind of is like that in games I play. MMO usually have a uni-class system so you are to only one class; minus Runes Of Magic, touché on dual class. But I refer more into FPS games. I got back into playing Project Reality which is a mod for Battlefield 2 (no excuse to not buy it, it’s like $10 on Steam and maybe in stores if you ask). I’ve noticed the server regulars usually pick the class they would always go for the map or just a general class to play through out. I’m more of the former, my choice is based on necessity. So at least I can challenge myself and maybe improve from what I might be good at in a previous map. I guess that’s what I like about FPS games; it’s mostly classes and when it does have classes, you can swap back and forth roles when you die or find an supply drop. How do you guys play FPS games in terms of roles? If you don’t play FPS games, how do you help your teammates? (Comments please)

When I was a kid, I was always the “all in or all out” player. I went into it head first and just keep moving until the win or the lose. I’m now more defensive and conservative; I usually play a support class that benefits the team but if necessary, I would defend (sometimes, at all costs). Back to Project Reality, I play the medic or the rifleman so I can revive or supply my mates so they can dish out all the pain. Second to that; the machine gunner, anti-tank specialist or the crewman. I’m not saying I’m a pacifist, I just like the teamwork involved into winning so no individual is responsible in bringing the team to a win. I once knew a guy who played a “combat pilot”. The transport chopper strapped with anti-tank specialists made him and his squad a dominate, resounding force in the game. Sure they usually didn’t hit anything when making a fly-by, but it’s like having a friend on top of a mobile tower with rockets. Sure the map we were on had a chopper with rockets, but he doubled the chopper firepower throughout (not really, more like 1.8 times since 2 passengers and 6 by the doors). Insane as it was, still was good to see him pass by in that chopper with anti-tank specialists (and a good morale boost if they start shooting).

Maybe next time, I share my philosophy on teamwork? Later gamers!


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