Damn you Syfy, and other random stuff

So Stargate Universe is down to the finally 2 episodes. I would honestly miss it since it was beginning to be a good series.  Right now, I have to accept the fact Syfy will not be bringing it back for a third nor the franchise for a film. Quite a horrible coming month because it marks the end of something really inspiring. At least there’s the Mythbusters on Discovery, I always looking forward to see what other interesting things they’ll be demonstrating.

So I recently got back into playing Team Fortress 2 again, I promise I will not be overdoing it. I’m still trying to cut back on the games; still proving pretty difficult, just have to take it down one minute at a time I guess. Like they say; old habits die hard, especially if it’s something you can spend an entire day on. I’m getting better at it though. Some days I can’t help myself while others are easier to just do something else. I just hope I would be in a better state of mental well being after all this is over.

Recently I got a gift from my sister. It was Black Ops, I played it and it hardly really amuses me in terms of the multiplayer component. Otherwise the storyline was okay, but not the best. Apparently she had a very eye opening trip on the west coast. 

Besides from that, it’s been a slow week. I’m trying to find better stuff to do on my spare time.


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