So good morning!!!

A new weeknd arrive and so much as happened in the last few days. I spent the thursday help my sister to the airport and on that same day, Global Agenda went free to play which is exciting since it’s been two years and waiting (maybe Santa is real after all?).

Synosis of the whole game; World War 3, science fiction, democracy lost and hail to our new robotic overlords.You play as a resistence member who is freed from re-education to fight against your former Confederate masters. You got 4 classes to choose from, a multitude of facial and suit cutomization features and a not-so boring co-op mode. Of course if you’re not into that, there’s always the player versus player modes and guild on guild actions (wait, they’re called “Agencies”). Certain trades offs is the lack of auction, agency building tool and end of match loot drops that accomany people who already bought the game or suckered into buying the expensive $139 package (give or take a few tens of bucks) which include all that and a few exp and loot drop bonuses. I don’t mind if you you just want to have friend play together or do something or hand around. Though a quick reminder that you will be seeing the same creatures all the way up. I’m already level 20 in two days and so far seems to get repetitive but remains very random in terms of the 4 player co-op.  Though not open-world, I would sign off as a “try until level 10” but I would not highly recommend spending big bucks unless you got some good friend to play with in there.

So that pretty muchs sums off my day. Yesterday, one of my wing mates from Battlestar Galactica posted an Easter Egg we discovered. Link is here if you want to check it out! Also he’s starting a Crysis 2 walkthrough. Check it out and maybe enjoy some awesomeness?

Lastly, made bacon and eggs. And they say bacon grease is gold, so I made some toast with it. It was pretty good and delicious.


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