Sucker Punch – Just action/adventure? [Possible spoilers]

Yesterday, I had a good opportunity to go to the movies rather than downloading. Though I personally dislike the movie experience to a certain degree, it’s a good way to break off and just do something with a group of people. Of course awhile back; I saw Battle: Los Angeles, it was what I expected to be and not other great surprises. Though I usually gauge a film on it’s intellectual merit. And so far in the last year, I think Sucker Punch is by far the best I’ve seen with very relevant and relatable themes. Okay, maybe not really relatable for me, but more of themes I subscribe to most of the time.

To put in a few words; “insane” girl escapes imagination where awesome stuff happens and there’s like 3 storylines that parallel though one of the storylines is the actual movie itself. But I tend to over analyse a good film to really think about how this movie communicates with me rather than what’s on the screen but more of what it’s trying to tell me. Overall I didn’t really guess the title would give away so much, but it does lend a question of how the plot would be and how the climax would develop. Though technically the narrator is a secondary character, I feel it is more of the protagonist than Emily Browning’s character. Though it is focused around her being committed and subjugated in the asylum and its contextual metaphor , the bordello/cat house (whatever you may call it, but lets just say bordello). Though the story takes place in a metaphor for a metaphor (the action scenes). Without it, I think it would’ve been more drama than gun play.

It is pretty great how Zack Snyder manipulates the story towards the psyche. Where one moment you think it’s going to be one of those rated R flicks, but rather it’s a decent action film with a very deep meaning that can be rated R (…I guess). The contrasting images of the feminist ideal of freedom and the objectification of women to sexual appeal. Where two worlds, they are more trapped within an institution while the third pulls together freedom and free of oppression (i.e. soldiers, Nazi zombies). Does bring the point of freedom is fought for rather than hoped.

Another theme I thought was very prevalent was the concept of various movie subjects that should really never be on the big screens. First being the obvious male fantasy of women in mini-skirts in a PG-13 movie; to that, kudos Snyder. Second being the World War 2 action sequences involving M4’s and H&K orgasm-ry against the Nazi zombie robot army in a modern 300-esque battlefield. There were a good mix of fantasy and rustic reality. Though overall I felt that the mental health facility was the best being a comparison to the overall story being told within a bordello sequence where the same likeness of that character is faced with a similar situation. So in a sense, the narrator is more as narrators of two similar stories where a selfless hero dies to save her companions after a few risked their own lives to save themselves.

Despite the stereotypes of both the antagonists and protagonists in a 1930’s atmosphere, it was really worth my 30 bucks I spent since I think I spent two hours watching more or less 3 films with the same plot. Overall, I would definitely watch it at least once. If you’re a internet person, then definitely a Netflix download or stream would be recommended. I would also agree to a second go at the cinema, however I’m that kind of person that does not like to be very repetitive especially in film selection. Drop a comment on what you think, later bloggers!


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