Up goes the rollercoaster…

I’m on a really nice winning streak the last few weeks that I’m ecstatic that there are signs for good things to come. Right now, I might be employed within 6 months; maybe more depending on the paperwork that has to be done. I’m working on starting that airsoft hobby I’ve been thinking about since I was like 17 or 18, Also, I’m going to have an anniversary for something.

More largely, I’m rooting for the job and the hobby because it’s a 3 year wait and I’m now pretty excited about it. So I’m starting to rev up my dietary requirements so I can exercise my butt off from now until I’m in and ready to play. Bother require exercise so I’m going to be working double for both. Also I’m kind of stepping out of my comfort zone on airsoft.

It’s more of an unusual hobby from what I normally would call hobbies so I’m pretty excited about getting into it. I’m trying to educate myself as much as possible so I can make informed decisions about what I can to buy in terms of equipment. Though I would like wise advice on it especially any players in and around Toronto. Just reading over all this stuff makes me want to play a bit more and along with my job, it’s going to be more of a training aid as well. When all goes well, I’m going to be stuck in the best rut I’ve ever had in my entire life.

I read a recent message from my old employer on this hiring freeze and I’m pretty stoked that I might have a slot sometime in the near future. I just have to push forward, grab it by the throat and demand for 100% adrenaline of awesomeness. Maybe I’ll puke, maybe not…that’s my body’s decision to make.

Time to start the day with some reading and an armful of push-ups. So if you guys have any advice on airsoft, tips, tricks or locations to play; feel free to leave a comment. Peace out folks!


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