Bad ideas that make sense…a little…

Have you ever had those days when you just sit around working or playing, then suddenly the bright idea comes into you that at the very moment you say “that’s genius”? I get those a lot and I usually have lots of unvoiced innovating ideas that never come to the material world where it matters the most.  I never really share them because I usually think it’s either highly horrible or pretty mundane to really pull through for it to come through as the next best thing. But here’s a few I had yesterday:

1. Touch screen device solely for the internet with a range of looking for wi-fi for over 2 km. Also with MP3 and radio.

2. For every 80% or higher as a final mark in high school, you get 50 bucks. An extra $100 for an average of 80 and higher.

3. Underground public complex. The whole city underground powered by wind, water, solar and kinetic energy (people cycling on stationary bikes or movement of some sort). Food is grown on the surface and heating is brought to you by geothermal.

4. Micro-kinetic generators. An implant placed near a joint or muscle to power a pump wired to an external energy storage device.

5. Genetic engineer people to utilize photosynthesis. Ease the meat and plant cultivation by using the excreted products of gas and liquids to clean up our environment.

6. Food rationing on a global scale on the manufacturing and distribution side of business. “We as a company makes x amount a year and that’s it, you buy it or you buy something else”.

Well they were pretty good…I guess…

Sharing is caring, you got an idea?


One thought on “Bad ideas that make sense…a little…

  1. I have idea, but let me think and see if I can remember any. Cut military spending and using some where else.

    Or, mas produce personal, foldable gliders for people to have. When folded up, they take up no more room an a back pack.

    Or, send the world’s wastes that are just taking up space on this planet and not being recycled and send them to space.

    Or, find a way to recycle that giant plastic continet sized dump floating in the middle of the pacific ocean.

    Thats all for me.

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