Ah Grand Theft Auto Why!!!!! [Insert Anger Here]

How everyone, hows it going? All week I’ve been trying to make Grand Theft Auto IV to work again. As in work, I mean I can play it for a week straight without it crashing the game and not  tell me my computer sucks a lot. I’ve applied the lastest patches and used the latest drivers, still nothing though I get like 2 hours beforeI crash my game or crash my computer. Either case, I miss the whole drug war side missions. West way to waste ammo and use money to buy more. It’s actually more entertaining than going around and trying to find every excuse to beat down a guy with bullets. Anyways, ongoing project to fix Grand Theft Auto; until then, I will miss the first days I got the game where I could finish the whole story in one play through.

So I got around into watching playthroughs of the new Medal Of Honor game. I have to admit the rendering is amazing and how every character is so detailed. Kind of freaky especially see Dusty’s beard up close or the end when they’re all looking at your character. I think the one thing that stood out was the shadows. I’m more of the content and photorealism critic rather than looking into the game. Though I do wish there were more chapters in the singeplayer game. It was kind of short for what it is; well from what I heard as well, the multiplayer is pretty good or bad depending how you see it. Though I do feel kind of fed up in having every game focus more on the online content which defeats the purpose of a single player campaign mode.Even if it is an hour or two of sheer action, I don’t think it’s really worth all that effort to really sell it short just from single player to promote the multiplayer. But that’s business I guess,


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