Family Day and Sitting About

Family Day, what is this holiday? I got no clue. But it involves family and businesses on a holiday schedule. Though I wish I could figure out what I should do, I can never make up my mind. At any rate, I’m just going through the paces. So I’m watching Museum Secrets; I’m always intrigue by history though I don’t think I would really make it a career. This week’s episode? Well was last week’s, but it’s all about the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Besides streaming videos, I’m focusing on checking tumblr all the time. I don’t have an account there, but I do check it to see if my girlfriend posted anything interesting. I must admit she’s quite a poet. Perhaps surpassing my handling of the English language, she’s just pretty amazing to move the human heart. She’s inspiring me to do more with my poetry. I’m definitely going to do more. More writing and more digging deep into my thoughts, all thanks to one beautiful lady that helped me look inside myself.

Probably today; I’m going to grab my book and a pen and head over to Chapters. Maybe not just Chapters, Eaton’s is open all day I think but I should go and check it out. I wonder what my sister is up to today, I’ll probably see if she wants to do something. I wouldn’t mind going for a nice meal out or something. I guess I would take it slow. It’s a new day and I have to find a way to really spend it rather than sitting around staring at a screen. Probably add find a therapeutic solutions to my issues. Well lets just see how well the day goes eh?


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