Post V-day: Nice-cessity

Hey everyone, how was your Valentine’s Day? Hope you all had a very romantic time or if you’re single, had time to do whatever you felt like doing for the sake of having time to yourself. For me, it was more or less what I really wanted to do. I called my love on Saturday just in case and it worked more or less to what I planned.

Ever since I found Battlestar Galactica Online, it’s been pretty good. I’ve been keeping occupied with it. I made a guild in there so I’ve been working on that. I do think I found people with the same goals as me so I think it’s going to work out to a good team. I told my sister abou tthe game and she was somewhat intrigued.

I can’t wait for spring since I can then start exercising and be more or less healthier like I was in high school. I took P.E. for five or the six years and it was great though tiring sometimes. I think exercise shouldn’t be forced upon but more encouraged. I really don’t like how everyone is all helicopter parent to exercise since it’s more of a health or lifestyle choice. That’s just me; never make it a chore but more of a challenge.

I know I’m kind of all over the place as you can read. When I was child, I never really had a personality. Only when I started high school, I grew into being a random person. A lot of girls over the years have told me that I’m sweet and cute, I don’t think I am. Well, I do write poetry and maybe cheer people up, but I think I do it because I’m nice. I don’t know why we all can’t be a bit nice from now and again. Like maybe not too friendly but friendly to know someone is polite.

Well I’m gonna go chill on my bed. I’ll read you guys later! Get it? no? no? ….fine.


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