Long nights and tortilla chips

Been like fives days since my last blog post. Though I would give you a “wassup world” while I’m kicking back listening to music. Looks like I’m having a partial relapse; okay, maybe a definite a relapse after a month. But I’m really trying to cope. I’m mostly just reading than playing video games. The last five days has been a blur except remember all the times my computer froze playing Grand Theft Auto IV. I have some sort of obsession to violence, any gamer would really have that obsession I think. Plus side, I’m starting to function by mood. How’s that good? Based on psychological and social interactions, I can easily guess when I have a really good mood and bad mood. Praise pills and vitamins, the best combination in my life that’s working well than anything else. Right now, I say I’m borderlining on a good since I took them awhile ago, like seven in the morning so I should be fine. Now I’m once on every other day and I usually have a good mood on those days. I still take them and have a bad mood but I keep the bad stuff from happening, which helps a lot more than anything right now. I’m not feeling randomly angry or  haphazardly happy so I’m kind of over that. 

I didn’t watch the Superbowl last night, though from other people’s forum posts and Facebook statuses, it makes me feel a bit fortunate I didn’t watch it. I was never a sports buff anyways. I pretty much was for a full two hours just deeply interested into causing fist fights in GTA to really care, And wasting hours upon hours on making bets on the LC Cage Fighting Minigame, which is awesome in making a lot of money. I think within an hour I made about 2-5 million in games dollars from just holding down the W key to max out the bet. I never bet agains the guy with the “Muscles” shirt; except that one time when it was a office stiff against an E. Honda-looking chef; in that case, chef all the way. So I pretty much watched that and ate a couple bags of chips as I did. Though at my age, I should really stop being that teen I always was; it’s just not that healthy.

Besides from that, my week was pretty eventful. I came around to watching all my documentaries I wanted to watch. Most of them where released by The Passionate Eye and Doc Zone from the CBC. I learned a lot; some of it was interesting, some were a bit concerning. If I could walk away from it all with a few learned lessons, here’s some:

  • Apparently human males are going sterile
  • Shoplifting is prominent
  • On top of contaminated fish, food security is more critical that I thought. Apparently, we’re already screwed in terms of who’s getting what for dinner.
  • It’s really random where donor children end up.
  • Some journalists get ballsy in reporting the news. If anything they should have a “BAMF Award for Journalism”.
    • Humanity has an addiction problem, who knew it would only take an EMP to destroy the world. Don’t fear the nuke, the EMP would get us good.

                                                                      Learning is much more fun out of the class, kiddies. I can guarantee that; except math, it’s always math no matter how you look at it.

                                                                      But yeah, about 10-20 documentaries of an hour each with commercials (Damn you online ads; hate you with a grudge).  About 5 a day with 2 breaks to eat, pee and sleep. I should really job hunt. Somewhat hard when society bigots those without a “skill set”. I do have skills, just not the skills society would not justify as skills. Oh well, shoot through the fog and hope for the best.  My dark cryptic poetry and lame lyrics are the only things I could really achieve. I doubt I can make a profit on it since everyone wants to be all chirpy and happy and stuff in that range of human emotion. Can’t blame them.

                                                                      I’m so stoked this weekend, I’m going to try to surprise a lucky girl. She’s lucky because she’s my girlfriend; or am I the lucky one? Anyways surprise is ruined if she read this. In that case, it’s something  for her. By the way, yes she reads my blog. HEY JEN! Now the world knows, yeah…yeah…I’m that awesome…

                                                                      So that’s what has occurred since my last and now. I’m trying to focus on sleeping before 12 am but it’s proving the challenge. Like I said, shoot the fog and hope. 2 out of 7 isn’t that bad considering my streak last week which was like 5 of 7. I woke up at 6 and I’m already tired so I might relapse to my old sleeping habits.

                                                                      Anyways, survive a day. Have a marginally good Monday, bloggers and readers. Any tips of not going into a relapse or any words of wisdom, you know the drill. Peace out!


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