Snow Storm! (Not really, because when I was you’re age…)

How’s everyone doing today? Still under the weather? Toronto last night got walloped  by a snow storm and it’s been like the first one since…well ever. Of course, you guys down south might been experiencing this for the last two months; but for me, it’s just been frigid or windy. Though I wouldn’t let the weather bring me down. I’m actually planning on going out. Yes, I’m going to get lunch or something outside rather than staying indoors where it’s all warm and has access to the internet. I still hold firm that the internet won’t let you experience everything in the world. Speaking of the Internet, what about them Egyptians? Honestly, the government made a really bad move on turning off the internet there. Though I’m not advocating violence, but it just takes a bit of bloodshed to make some changes. I don’t really need to give examples, just crack open any history textbook.

Lighter note, it’s the Lunar New Year tomorrow. For those people planning on doing something, restaurants may be packed so plan ahead. I’m going to celebrate a bit early by eating lot of noodles today and maybe just being outside. That or dumplings, not quite sure what to go for right now.

Back to this storm, it’s not really meeting my expectations of a storm. I might sound a bit old saying this but when I was ten, There was a blizzard that reached about 50 cm in a day. Like the only two times that schools ever closed when I attended was a power outage and a snow storm, that’s like 2 days out of all the days of school that were cancelled. Oh man, worst day was that time the temperature dropped to –30.  On the bright side; according to The Weather Network, it seems like it’s clearing up for the evening. Which isn’t much of a surprise; though if mother nature really wanted to pull one over, she would’ve jumped the temperature the next day to a balmy 25 over 0 and made all this melt and feel like a summer’s day. That would be random, but very nice at the same time. For those reading in Texas, how much snow are you guys getting? It’s quite unusual but I heard you guys are getting snow. Well of course everywhere in North America is getting snow excluding those geared to rainfall this time of year I think.

Sucks my camera isn’t that great or my photography skills weren’t better or I would definitely take pictures. Though it would kind of look like everyone else’s normal snowed-in-kind-of day. Man, this snow is something so I’m going to head out to lunch and maybe do some shovelling.

Happy Chinese New Years!


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