Achievement Unlocked: Trilogy Prodigy

Last night, I finally completed Episodes Of Liberty City; which is the two DLC sequels to Grand Theft Auto IV.A month back I finished The Lost And Damn which took about 2 days.

Probably the most easy DLC I’ve played but Lost and Damn was pretty anticlimactic on how it ended and how the game made you drive a chopper all the time. Whenever I could, I opted for a car for straight cruising around from area x to area y. Also surprised how the Hot Coffee mod was removed from San Andreas but the nudity isn’t censored here, pretty damn surprised to know that the people on this stuff are either enjoying the penis or really misogynistic when revealing lady bits. Anyways, it was really straight up hardcore where you really had to run into a prison and kill the boss. That was intense, but pretty sad at the end since you lose a lot of great stuff like a hangout and some abilities.

Just last night, I finished The Ballad of Gay Tony. It was pretty thrilling to see all three storylines hook up in an ironic twist.Looking back on it, the protagonist was very relatable and more down to earth than the other 2 main protagonists. The most appealing part of the whole DLC was the two new weapons which were never featured in the whole series; the FN P90 and the DSR-1 (they didn’t use those names, but the resemblance is amazing). I don’t know why, but P90’s are really the selling point for me. Probably because of the design, but then again this is suppose to be about a video game and not the guns. Overall it ended pretty well with a long shoot out and a heavy parachute scene. By heavy I mean extremely long since you have to either land it right or you have to steal a car to get to the end. The end pretty much sums up the trilogy with a bit of leverage for a fourth or fifth. I doubt Rockstar would really want to make more DLC’s but it would be nice to have the fourth be the longest running game in the series.

Definitely for fans of the series, I would recommend it if you haven’t gotten a copy. It doesn’t require the original game and you get two games in one (sort of). For the price it wasn’t that bad, at 20-ish bucks; it’s really a good find for a game of this calibre. Though I did go through the story mode, I think the side missions would yield great gameplay.


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