Facebook And Narcissm – Are you or not?

This is an old topic from awhile back. It was a study on Facebook and how individuals use it to self-promote themselves (Links down below to read about them if you missed it the first time). Though I do agree to the fact that the people that post more commonly on my Facebook do have those narcissistic characteristics. I don’t feel bad honestly. We’re just growing up in a more technological society where rather TV and radio as a the centre point, we have the Internet and cell phones. There are bound to be disconnects in society. From my perspective, I see a lot of people more into their cell phones sending messages to and from rather than having a one-on-one chat.

The Globe and Mail reported Facebook “serve as a ‘social  lubricant’ for those with low self-esteem, since it’s so easy for them to connect with so many people.” Very much is true since we are becoming more distant in terms of physical interaction with others and focused more towards the interaction over a long distance. Though this does have it’s own benefits and draw backs. In my opinion they are loss of actual human interaction, comfort or compassion, and stable localized support systems. Like you can’t really say “I’m sorry” over SMS and not really mean it. For anything, it’s harder to detect sarcasm so  the reciever may become a bit paranoid on which you really mean. If anything, I would definitely be by that person’s side if I can and try to help them cope through it. Without that support system of friends, it’s really hard to feel good about yourself that kind of isolates this social creature. Of course now we’re beyond the topic of Facebook. I’m talking about any form over virtualized networking. I don’t think online networking is also a cause of this low esteem correlation. Social and economic status, location, activities and accessibility could also play factors.

Or…this might be a bit crazy, but bear with me. What if our schools really do produce more than just an honest education? Let me explain this one. In a social setting where academic competition is present, it is a necessity to be the biggest or the brightest to dominate over others. Due to this, individuals would in certain cases may just bring down people to make them look better. I think it’s fighting dirty, but it seems to work in the animal kingdom. Animals fight for food and reproductive rights, so why can’t we humans? Remember, we’re still animals. Maybe we are focusing too much to really look around and see what this train wreck really looks like. I admit, I did my bit and looking back now makes me really think about my actions. Though, I think I hardly had that effect but it is likely.  Maybe we should be a bit more human than a bit selfish.

What do you think readers, should we all take that cold shower and remind ourselves of a day where compassion and cooperation wasn’t a competition? Let me know in the comments about your views of people on Facebook and society in general; really let loose on this since I really like those sociological examinations from a perspective of the average person or maybe I just like opinions in general.


The Toronto Star – “Facebook ‘fiends’ are narcissistic, insecure, study says”

The Globe And Mail – “Facebook a big hit with narcissists: study”


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