Sadness and Video games – Two things we can’t all live without

Hey guys, a bit of an update to my last blog. It’s been two day playing Wurm. I like it, not such a hassle to log on and pretty relaxing at times. I’ve joined up with another newbie and we started a small settlement of three as of today. I’m like the village carpenter, fisherman and cook. I don’t mind it, it’s easy at times besides the cooking. I’ve been sleeping all day and just been eating less again. More proof that video games have more of a hold on me than intended.

Anyways, I’ve been missing out on a lot of stuff. Apparently my sister invited me to go skating last Wednesday. I should tell her we can some other time. Speaking of making appointments, I think I should really get going into paying some bills and check in on a lot of stuff.

In other entertainment news, I’m starting to subscribe to other YouTube channels. Besides sxephil AIRSOFTGIdotcom and TobyGames; I just recently added BarbecueWeb. I couldn’t help myself considering how I kind of a thing for BBQ food. I’ve been sitting here watching it all day and I’ve concluded I would fold under pressure in front of good food. Also thinking about warm food really makes you forget about winter. I’m still waiting on new episodes of Stargate and Glee. I hate holiday reruns or that midseason pause. Oh! Mythbusters, I have to watch more of that.

I should really get outside and do something nice. But I can’t figure out what I should do while I’m out there. Maybe go to Chapters and check out some books or something.I’ve been reading through my D&D guide and trying to get down some of these things.

Well I’m going to bed since I’ve been up watching Youtube. Have a nice Monday everyone!


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