Oh no, I have a Wurm again!

I don’t know why I love this game. The graphics aren’t top quality, the sound is fairly generic and the community is marginal by comparison. Wurm Online is just quirky in my opinion. No end game, no actual quest systems; it’s all about discovery, community and a 512 square kilometre stretch of land dotted by settlements and and lakes to make this one of the most beautiful games I’ve seen so far to watch the sunrise.

The game comprises on crafting and construction as well a a team compnonent to reduce the time factor to all build projects. Of course for the action base, there is combat too, I haven’t experience any though if it is anything like the crafting system, it would be painful with it’s own rewards.

I like it considering it’s very light on my computer, doesn’t take much to render and run in Java. ONe of those things you can do to kill time when you have time to kill. So you can start building a boat, leave it and come back when you have the spare time to continue. As a city slicker, I rarely see the countryside and this does provides some sort of relief to just stand there and watch your virtual world spin around you.

Community on the server I’m in seems to be very friendly though some lack communition skill. There’s in game help support from both developer and what appears to be a group of senior players who know their stuff.

If I could sum it in 2 words, I’d say try it if you’re into slow game progression and heavy focus on crafting. Otherwise, try it with an open mind.


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