Day 18 & 19: Sleep, snow and cereal.

Second last update on my progress to beat video games. First off, yeasterday involved hours of sleep and eating cereal. Not much just sat around, ate, slept, pooped, slept and showered (did I mention slept?). It’s been mostly an uphill battle, I’ve been getting a on and off craving since day 10 or so and usually when the cravings come I try and sleep it off. Looks like fighting with myself is pretty hard considering the last two days seem very ominous that my mind wants to go down with a fight on this.

So today’s going to be nice and easy. My sister invited me over for dinner, but I’m not too sure if I should go. It just snowed last night so it’s bound to be a bit chilly. All day I’ve been just watching T.V. and eating bowl after bowl of cereal. I guess I might, I have to get out of the house and away from my computer.

Well, 19 down and 2 to go. I’m doing pretty good besides all the headaches and sadness. I’m going to see if my sister planned anything for that dinner. Until monday, have a nice weekend!


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