Growing lyrics and writing up

Remember a few days back I said I would write some poems? Well I spent the time and some deep emotional thinking to pull a few of these verses. I’m not like what I use to be. I could write 4-5 poems a week. Now it’s like one or two a month; and they’re not the best work I can really bring, but I tried. Though it’s kind of weird that I can write something this great when I fall for my dark side. Anyways poem on the bottom of this blog so enjoy!

Also I’m starting to file my tax returns. I really not like doing it since it gives me a splitting headache and I don’t have the attention span for it. Though it does make me think of having to another job. It really sucks to be unemployed for three years and running. But something about the job I’m eyeing for makes me want to wait and jump at the right moment. That reminds me, I have to keep my application for at the ready.

Of course, I haven’t forgotten the remaining 4 days. I’m feeling kind of good that I’ve pulled through this. Though I don’t want to give my hopes up, but I do think I’ll make it. All the feelings and cravings ceased, I still have an appetite like a gluttonous king. Just for more days, I guess I should make sure all those cravings go away right after or wait. I don’t know if this is going to be for real, but I hope it won’t ruin my life a second time around.

That’s it for now, poem’s right here…

She wore those blue jeans
And her blonde hair
With Straight A’s
And a smile so fair

She would hold you when you cry
Telling you it’s fine
Friend to everyone
You knew and and smitten

Under her pants
Within her head of hair
Thinking of razors
A cut to cover
No shoulder for her
Inferior, outcast, lost and damned
No one’s a friend
But more of her enemies


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