Day 17: Board games and coffee…best..combo…ever!

Yesterday went pretty well. I woke up pretty cranky but my pills took care of that. Then my sister wanted to get dinner with me and we did; so we went back to the same Korean place the day before. After we went to this place I wanted to check out; Snakes and Lattes. I actually like the idea of a clean place to drink a coffee and play a couple board games with friends and such. Though there’s a $5 per head to play, it beats watching a movie. Anyways, it was pretty neat; we stayed there for like a good five hours just playing random games and chatting. It helped get my mind of video games (I’m off video games, not board games for 4 more days). Though this is kind of late to type. I though I would send this one out early morning than forgetting and putting into a longer blog. I know you guys hate reading long blogs; to the point, am I right?

This whole week, I’ve been obsessed of going back to my teenage roots. In this case, I wanted to go back to listening to all the music I use to listen. So I started listening 30 Seconds To Mars, Cute Is What We Aim For, Paramore, Taylor Swift, some All American Rejects, Panic At The Disco and Fall Out Boy. I kind of miss those days of just really good rock music (in my opinion, it’s good). Just those that really have a deep meaning or enough to drown the world away and be flooded with music. I miss those days where I would just lay in bed with my eyes closed and my music blaring to take me away from stress. Now I’m always worried that I might go deaf or waste my life away (or both) so I haven’t really done it so much. Actually; more I think of it, I don’t really could remember any great euphoric moments of my life. Seems like I fall into one disaster into another. Huh…huh…man, my life feels so empty and unfulfilled and I’m so young. I feel like I lived half a century and not noticed.

If you’ve been nit-picking at my blog, I’ve been adding hyperlinks as a courtesy in case anyone wants to check out some of the stuff I’ve done and stuff that I found interesting. Making it easier to pass some news for my awesome readers of tech and life and such (insert pat on your back here)! I’ll try and do it more often, but I just like typing rather than editing. I just like to just “shoot the shit” for a lack of a better definition. It’s just something great to do when you need to get something off your chest plain and simple.

Plans for day 18 are pretty much read some of your comments and such and maybe respond since I would like to read some interesting responses and maybe get into some discussions on other blogs like I always do. Then get more stuff off my chest and give you a nice little daily progress report and how I plan this home stretch.

Until tomorrow (or later today for those who are in Thurdays right now), have a quiet morning and hug your love ones and tell them what you think about them.

Appreciate the comments. Here’s a new one to think about, what do you miss about your teenage years? The music? The style? Your friends? All the random stuff you use to do?Anything, anyone, anywhere, anyway? Sharing is caring!

I’m bushed from board games so I’m going to crash until I can type again. Nighty-night!


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