Day 15 & 16:Today and the future

Here’s a new update on my battle on gaming. Day 15 and 16 has been pretty slow. I’ve ate a lot of food in the last two days. I’m now up at 2 meals and 4 snacks a day, if you count KFC and pizza as snacks. I’m seriously packing in the pounds and I’m not even guilty about it.  The cravings are slowly going away. However, they seemed to focus themselves somewhere else; in tech and gadgets and the like. I’m about under a week to go and I got high hopes to pull through this. Today, I might go out and visit my sister and do some stuff. But I doubt I really feel like it; family’s family right?

During lunch on CTV (local television network), I saw a little segment discussing the next 50 years of Toronto and it was very interesting to see what we have and how it will play out in 50 years. Remember Google’s driverless car? What about the problem of urban sprawl? In my opinion, I’m pretty realistic on what’s going to really happen (Y2K changed how I think. Kids under 10 who don’t know what Y2K is, ask your parents…or your older siblings.). In my opinion, not much will change in 50 years overall. All things concerned, I think this is how I think we would turn out; by we, I mean my fair city. First off, commutes wouldn’t change much. It’s highly unlikely city hall will spend millions after millions to widen roads or close down residential neighbourhoods to make room for highways and large arteries. If anything, city hall will focus more on making the downtown core more bike friendly and pedestrian friendly. That means public transit and sidewalks will be a very dominant issue. As the borders blur between cities, I have a feeling urban sprawl will see a change as well. What I mean is that more incentive to have business to be located in small dense areas. If this happens, then likely the change in commuting would change since businesses would be more local in terms of employment and by address. Though I can see a lot of changes recently. Most apparent is buildings converting to solar power and small contributions such as energy efficient power bars last fall. Though globally, I do see more progress towards urban agriculture. Example being more lands used to cultivate and a more social awareness to grow and produce locally. Though I doubt this would really happen, but the urban farm is very tangible in the near future. Technological progresses will follow suit. I doubt wi-fi would disappear at all. I think it would be more accessible in terms of where it is and how to get to it. This would be a leg up to portable media. You would able to access a vast amount of information at a moments notice. Also with the rise of portable everything; social networking, journalism and activism would likely be more visible. It’s visible now, but I think it would be more mainstream. All in all, too much too late. People will starve and become homeless, stuff will still be expensive and I doubt there will ever be much follow through.

Well, time to plan the last 5 days of my mental health program. I’m pretty good knowing I’m almost there. January ninth, here I come!

Until tomorrow, post comments on how the next half century will turn out; I like reading what people have to say. I’ll see you all tomorrow, everyone. Have an easy first Tuesday of 2010!


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