Day 14: Urge to technically perfect MMO

Day 14 – I thought I would never make it this far. I’m really pulling out of this I think. I got about 7 more days. Next Sunday’s going to be make or break when I finally click on one of those programs and see if I can withhold the evitable urge to shoot, zap, slash, command, and cast magic. I still have that overwhelming withdrawal feeling which is making me eat, sleep and think about games too much. Nonetheless, I’ll try and get through it and hope I might win this one for myself. If not, looks like there is no hope of losing this feeling.

All this time, I’ve been getting these odd dreams. Most of them were mash-ups of the games I’ve played or seen. This one I had woke me up in a cold sweat. I dreamt I was the desert defending this house from the ravenous undead. Some reason I had to hold on; looking around I saw a few others manning the windows on the second with the piecing sounds of gunshots filling the air. Then through my eyes everything started to fade into darkness and going ever so slowly. Then in an instant, I started to experienced going through these huge buildings in a methodical fashion. It was dark, damp and seemed almost abandoned. In my hands was a rifle, readied to fire at a moment’s notice. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, just searching in the flickering darkness of the glass ridden debris filled hallways. When I got to the end of this corridor, a door presented itself in almost pristine condition. When I opened the door, there was a large opening where there once was a room and just beyond was a dark, damp day. As I looked out, I saw these spacecraft fly over head. Their markings seemed to indicate they’re man-made. They encircled these large towers; almost spires which remained intact as most of the buildings around them are crumbling and the sound of weapons fire echoed through the fog below me. It was truly an odd feeling. When I awoke, it felt like I lived through months rather than hours.

Yesterday, I was sitting around thinking about the few things I like about MMO’s. The most of my likes were systems that worked pretty well overall. First of all weapon modifications and crafting. I always really like those in fantasy and sci-fi. However the thing I dislike is the probability factor most have when adding towards the stats of the weapon. However there should be more realistic modifiers than giving you stats. Well more I think of it, I really dislike stat based combat in general since usually the better modified weapons and armour. Also combat should be more chaotic and if it is AI vs. Human. Most games I see, I’ve seen like 5 to 10 AI to every human, I think this isn’t enough in terms of combat considering an average gamer can easily track down 5 at time; even for me, 5 is easy. In terms of ratio it should be a lot more, I always thought 1 human to 20 or so AI to add pressure to the players. But that’s factoring on intelligence of the AI. On top of that I think games should have more complex spawns and triggers to add a more diverse strategies. Out of the list is terrain and terrain area. My pet peeve is just terrain size is usually pretty small and usually features linear gameplay or features a few full structures and a marginally acceptable terrain.

If I could have it my way, I would keep it focused to classless combat and challenges. First off, it would pretty sci-fi with a mix of modern. Modifying weapons would be pretty reasonable like optics would put you into the optics (also ironsights) and armour and items would have negative speed modifiers (ie. weight). This would turn out pretty good since players can pick and choose how to play but with certain limitations. There wouldn’t be much of a level progression system but more focused on wit and intelligence of the actual player and challenging them through cryptic puzzles and interaction with NPC. Example of one of these puzzles is to turn the English language to a made up language and having players to decrypt it to earn something awesome which may involve killing stuff. As well, the game logs the amount of time and successful so some background NPC actually provide you some challenges that are really just more tasks for items and such in one of the languages players have already encountered and been successful of deciphering. Of course there are items to help with this but would decrease the probability of gaining some good gear. This would balance out some of play styles of the puzzlers and the FPS’ most games don’t really have so there is something for casual and hardcore gamers rather than having a really linear system that governs the overall progression. That’s just a few things I would like to see in a game I would make.

But anyways, I’m going to water some plants and eat a whole lot because I still have those cravings for something really delicious.

Here’s my question for you guys and gals, how’s your new years? Party hard or hardly partied? Leave a comment below, I like comments except for those generic ones that seem unrelated.

Secondary question since I’m all hyper for a hungry person, what would be your perfect game?

As always; comment and suggestions below. Have a nice Sunday…first Sunday of 2011!


2 thoughts on “Day 14: Urge to technically perfect MMO

  1. I’m currently playing God of War 3 and lovin’ it. I also played 1 and 2 , 2x each, first as normal, then as god. I love playing video games except that I just don’t have the time anymore because of school, and I’m embarassed to say I’m quite an unskilled player. My brother is the hardcore player in the family, and has no patience when I ask him to help me out. I so want to play Mass Effect 2 and he tells me , ” It’s not for you, go play Ratchet and Clank and Persona 4.”

  2. I think one of the Final Fantasy series has one area where you need to collect the native alphabets before you can understand what the NPCs are talking. Forget which one, too lazy to google

    Yeah, those dreams are fun.. at least for me, since I don’t play shooter much.

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