Day 13: New Year, Not Doing Much

Evening everyone and happy New Years to those reading in 2011. My day has been less than spectacular. I’ve been sitting around surfing around WordPress and YouTube. I also to a long monotonous walk downtown to hunt for this charger I need which looks like I don’t have a chance of ever finding. I’m just at home now, thinking of something to do until I watch the ball drop. I got two channels set on my T.V. so I can watch the countdown at City Hall and a New Years special on the CBC.

I think my hunger has increased a bit more and I’ve been aching to eat a lot of things today. Also, I’ve been scratching myself lately. Not a good sign but I feel super itchy all over, it’s just ridiculous.  AT least I’m not drawing blood, though I should stop (scratch…scratch…scratch…). I’ve been also hydrating more regularly than I use to. But that sleep issue is still over me, probalem being I can’t sleep at night and I feel super tired through the day. I have to endure it if I’m going to see the ball drop. Probably after, I’m going to fall asleep.

For that very day of the new decade, I’m going to take it as easy as I can and sleep to avoid playing video games and maybe stay in bed, write poetry (I know I keep saying it, I’ll do it…pinky swear!), and try to do more than I did in 2010. I’m not making any New Years Resolutions since they’re pretty cliche and I think it would be easier to be more realistic than “lose weight” or “spend more time with loved ones”. I was never that type of person anyways. I guess add in “play less video games” since I really want to stop playing a copious amount of first person shooters and RPG’s.

I would go downtown to City Hall and watch the bash. There are a few things that deter me from going, one of them being bands and singers I don’t know. The other thing is my social situation is pretty lonesome since everyone brought their friends and I would be all alone.SO it’s another of those events I will never go to but at least I can watch then crash on my bed right after. Huh; I just noticed I’ve been sober since like New Years 2008. Well, no alcohol this year; I’m not a drinker either.

Well I’ll let you all do your celebrating and maybe nursing a hangover.

As always, post you rcomments about new years, resolutions and stories about 2010. Happy new years!


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