Day 11 and 12: Stargate and Stuff

I didn’t blog yesterday sp this is kind of an update of day 11 and an planning blog for day 12. Currently I really have something really planned. So far, I still have to make a couple phone calls. Besides from that, it’s just wait for spring. I’m not really inspired just sitting here and I really need to find a place of total contemplation and reflection so I can really pull through in writing poetry.

(Next paragraph is my nerd-gasm for Stargate. May contain spoilers, read on!)

Recently, I heard Stargate Universe is not going to be on SyFy. It’s a shame when people don’t really understand the stylized concept of the series. The first season was pretty good, it really stuck to original series but really spun it to their own live action tale of the human condition and emotional endurance. The arcs that never finished in the last seasons of SG-1 really come to light. For a few of those I especially enjoyed was the Lucian Alliance, the free Jaffa and the origins of the Ancients. Though the Jaffa was somewhat explained but there could be lots of good material; but in my eyes, they could really work in a video game. Most particular concept of Universe is the rusted features which is questionable but reasonable. Most of the internal and external areas of the Destiny is rusted, however, it requires the presence of oxygen to produce iron oxides. So if that is rust on the outside of the ship, that’s almost unlikely to impossible since the last time I checked, it’s in an under  –200 degree Celsius (under –400 Fahrenheit for those counting in imperial). The inside is a plausibility however, thought the starting sequence of the first episode suggests depressurization prior to the Stargate from opening. Counter argument would be that during it’s time on auto-pilot, it sustained weapons fire from energy based weapons causing oxidation. That I would give some thing too, though it would be unlikely if it doesn’t pose a threat. That was a good tangent, but the characters are really believable and sound very realistic with their perks and flaws. This is a first where the franchise took itself a bit more seriously but keeps an injection of witty punch lines. By the half of the second season, I was on edge. I’m not going to go into it except to suggest to watch. To me, I always enjoyed how the writers took Stargate into a more than just another Sci-Fi. In it’s own right, it’s very artistic in both visual and theme using the Gate as story telling device. Though flaws about Universe is that it shifts from the Gate to Destiny. Within the one and a half seasons, they really brought in more story arcs that could last another season to explain. But a good series is one with complex story arcs that end with something highly climatic. Like SG-1 and Atlantis, they ended in closing one or two arcs with ships and fireworks (Even Star Trek took it in that direction in the 90’s). Anyways, would suck to see one more favourites down the drain. First the game gets the boot by the end of the month and now the series.

On a lighter note, it’s not officially the halfway point and I think I stopped kicking and screaming for video games. I still wanting my fix badly. But beyond from that, 10 more days to the clear and hopefully I don’t abandon the plan until then. So plan of the day is to make that phone call I’ve been postponing. Wait, it’s the holidays. Okay, maybe in two weeks. For now, I guess a meal is in order. Then likely hand around on the second last day of the first decade of the 21st century.

As always, feedback is appreciated and stuff. Happy new years and if you’re drinking, don’t drink and drive!


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