Day 8: Update and sad sleeping-ness

Just a quick update for today’s happenings. First off, I literally slept through the day. ANd I woke up just to check facebook and all that online stuff. So I literally overlooking all my plans. But I guess I can do them tomorrow and try and get up early. Though it’s kind of hard sticking to this 21 days of no video games to keeping productive because I’m feel really down and I honestly feel like I never have the energy to get up. It’s a very miserable feeling that I can never describe. I guess the only way to put it close to would be being pinned by a cement block as the rain pours down your face in a night so dark and no one can hear you no matter how loud you scream in pain. Then at the very moment, you notice everything you lived for was for in vain; I guess that’s as much as I can describe it. Probably I’m just part of the generation growing sad and disconnected from social interaction, maybe just the world is too bug to really recognize one person’s existence.

Day 8, I can finally see myself breaking down without video games. Cravings have felt like they’ve increased ten-fold, everything in my body is in pain, I can hardly sleep at regular intervals. But it looks like I have to press on this attack.

Tomorrow, I hope for the best though it never gets better. As one fictional character once said, “Just because one threat is behind you, doesn’t mean there isn’t another ahead ”.


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