Day 7: The ultimate test of patience

I totally forgot how excruciating Christmas is when you have nothing to do except play video games. But I survived it, I pretty much ate cereal and sleep through a whole 10 hours of the day. But I think Boxing Day would be pretty good tomorrow. Store will reopen and maybe I can go to a restaurant or something and eat. Scratch that, I have a lot of food to get through.

Well at least the half hump is going to be easy tomorrow. I can easily get out and do stuff rather than cooped up in my room staring at all my game desktop icons and wishing to play each and every one of them.

About a decade ago I opened up my first bank account and the bank gave me a piggy bank as a gift. I over the years, I stashed it somewhere in my house and I’ve been searching for it ever since. Until today, I wasn’t able to find it. Who knew it was sitting next to my Gameboy Advance and my old school supplies. Now I can use it to store some coinage on my desk that I also recently cleaned up all and almost tidy. Along with that, I found my old lighter, some newspapers dating back around 2005 or so, and some cheap earbuds.

Aside from my Christmas treasure hunt, I added new widget on my blog. Some have noticed it but I want to let you know, the 5 star rating. For people who want to be all like “awesome, 3 stars”, there you go; just thinking of you.  Since it is Christmas, I emailed my girlfriend her present, she like it. It was awesome. I liked her reaction. Okay, I loved her reaction. Totally worth 2 months of editing and rewriting; I’m very satisfied with results.

In borderline game news, I received another gift code from Runes Of Magic. (Wait Eric, before you start…explain yourself!). RoM’s an MMORPG similar to WoW. It’s got farming, housing, pets, crafting, and a lot of dungeon raiding. But I redeemed it and hopefully it will be still active after January. So I guess that’s a little Christmas miracle because I rarely do get any gift that special.

This morning, I spent about a good 2-5 hours running through 3 chapters of that D&D handbook. I think I got the gist of it, but it looks like “more lumber is required” (WarCraft 3 reference). I still need a game board and some crazy looking dice that’s going to set me back. but at least I know how to play, basically.

Currently planning on day 7, I’m unsure what to do. Hopefully it will involve either eating or checking out computer shops and such. Something about computer stores fascinate me. Even Future Shop and Best Buy sometimes brings that effect to a certain degree. But those little shops that sells you hardware are pretty sweet; you can literally buy anything computer related and usually costs pretty good compared to big box stores. Like my custom computer was 2000 bucks and that’s with monitor, OS CD, keyboard and mouse. At places like Best Buy it would’ve been like 3 or 4 grand. So yeah, if you ever wanted a good business or want to make a good deal; independent computer parts shop, it beats buying stuff through the internet.

Anyways, that’s it for me. I’ll give you guys an update tomorrow. As always, comments and suggestions; stories if you got them.

Merry Christmas!


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